We are presenting below story of N Saroja Ramachandran who has Cleared Chartered Accountancy examinations at the age of 59 and become An inspiration for all who are pursuing Chartered Accountancy Course in her own words:-

At the outset, I thank the Almighty & my family for having been there with me throughout this Chartered Accountancy (CA) course. The first question everyone ask me is how did it all begin?

It began in 2004, when our son went against our suggestions to pursue the Chartered Accountancy course. We were apprehensive as engineering was the most happening thing back then and clearing the CA course had always been an uncertainty. My husband Shri K B Ramachandran a practising CA by himself, suggested that I too take up CA to create a conducive ambience for our son and I obviously laughed it off.

CA N Saroja Ramachandran,

CA N Saroja Ramachandran

However, he kept bringing it on repeatedly till the time I warmed up to the idea. So finally I signed up for the course (PE-II equivalent of IPCC) in 2004. There were many challenges each of them individually capable of draining a person. 1) I was working as the branch manager in a private sector bank and the branch was located in a place 50 kms from my home; had to take two buses a day to reach my workplace and 2 buses on return. 2) My first son had enrolled into CA amidst our suggestions against it & and our second son had gotten into his adolescence; and my mother-in-law was ageing 3) I was mathematics post graduate so had no clue as to debit or credit or taxation for that matter. 4) Classes were out of the question as I had to run a household, run a branch travelling 100 kms a day. 5) Leave for exam preparation were never adequate nor certain (the longest leave I got for preparation+exams was 7 days including a weekend).

However, I went ahead with the course. My first son took up the work of getting me the correct books, scanners (never could use them for want of time) RTP (never could use them as well) etc. He would also let know the critical areas to focus. However he couldn’t teach me as I was not in a position to spare time. Sundays were the only time I could do with some study however every Sunday was not on offer as they were the only days wherein I could restore some order in the household or complete my social commitments. I did whatever I could, sincerely.

I cleared first group of PE-II in my second attempt. And cleared the second group in my third attempt (could be second as well forgot the number to be frank). Clearing second group involved some an interesting anecdote; I had written the costing paper and was sure of failing miserably. Called my kids and checked whether we could go for a small vacation as there was no point in continuing the exams further. We were all so excited about that. But my husband put his foot firmly down and made me write the Income Tax and Information Technology papers. And to everyone’s surprise and delight I cleared the second group and PE-II in that attempt.

However, I continued my banking career for two more years wanting to be part of Core Banking Solution (CBS) implementation in our Bank. Finally, I came out on Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) on 31.03.2008 and started my Articleship in my husband’s firm. By this time my son had also completed his PE-II and had commenced his Articleship in a Chennai based firm.

Articleship had its own challenges. I was the oldest student in the firm; had a household to run; had to support both our sons as one was giving his 12th final exams and the other was about to give his CA final exams. Basically, I did CA alongwith many other equally important tasks at any given point. Maybe that helped me in keeping myself realistic. Towards the end of my Articleship the priority slightly shifted to helping my son clear his CA final examinations.

I cleared Group I of the final course in May 2012. Group II however proved to be much more elusive. I had to accept failures despite hard work; had to forego attempts for family commitments and even social commitments at times. Not until May 2017 could I clear Group II of CA Final examinations. It was July 2017 when I finally became a Chartered Accountant and applied for the coveted membership.

Some of the lessons that I picked along the way:

1. Leave the valuation to the examiner (though it is very tough).

I was about to shun my May 2006 attempt after a disastrous Costing paper (as per my evaluation); when my husband convinced me to write the remaining exams. I cleared my PE-II in that attempt.

2. Stress could act as a stimulant (though we may not realize while at it)

3. Don’t abandon your efforts in adverse (even so-called hopeless) situations. (costing paper again)

4. Family is one of the best support systems that we could rely upon for our career enhancement.

Now, I am a partner in the CA practice setup by my husband and being expanded by my son and his friends. Hope this phase turns out to be as eventful and as interesting as the student phase.

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  1. harish M N says:

    Hearty congratulations on your achievement .
    1. I have not done any articleship but @ 55 after working in this line for more than 25 years burning desires to pursue C A but due to family burdens not possible. What is your guidance.

  2. CA Perumal Konar says:

    Madam hearty congratulations.. I think this costing paper nightmare comes in everyones life (including me). This is where you need support from family and friends. No matter what happens to a particular paper pls ensure that we give all papers because we have put in efforts for those all papers…Never give up.

  3. chandrasekar Srinivasan says:

    Madam, I, should make first congrats for putting hard work and cleared chartered accountant course and Iam praying Chartered accountant course now and my present profession is an Advocate /legal advice practicing at High court of madras at Chennai you are set an example that at any age you can achieve anything ,most is dedication and Hard work and passion towards subject I, hope I can learn from you.

  4. CA M Ramakrishna says:

    You are one of the best examples of determination and courage which would be inspiration to many young people. Wish you more successes in your profession.


    Madam you’re really Great!!!
    Your achievement is on par with the great Scientist of the World, wherein they take decades or Centuries to propound a new invention and put into practice.
    You have ignited the fuel of a majority of the failures in the CA Exams to continue and achieve their goal with relentless efforts amidst discouragement from various quarters of the society.
    God bless you and your family in all your endeavours.

  6. Aruna Thakkar says:

    Hearty Congratulations Madam,

    My age is 56.
    Recently cleared IPCC both groups after 30 years of completing
    BCom. ,LLB , DTL passed before 1988 and
    was practicing as Tax and Labour consultant

    Now preparing for CA FINAL

    Can i have your contact number for few guidance points please ?

    My number is 9850765808

  7. Ashok Mohapatra says:

    I am Ashok want to do ICWA inter and my last qualification is M.com age 50 I I need your inspiration even if you are woman as well as serviceholder and how did you maintain the interest and zeal for the whole syllabus.Really I am proud for your achievement and congratulate for your success.Regards
    Ashok Mohapatra(9891355193 )

  8. Sjprasad says:

    Great Madam.I am aged 64 cleared .ca final 2nd group in 1982.practicing with my wife who is a .ca as I am a successful advocate in tax and corporate laws.my son is a Partner in KPMG..l am motivated to write first group and finish.l need your guidance.l have sirc student no.my no is 9480936333.


    Hats off respected Madam
    U r a role model and inspiration to the present generation, especially those who drop in the middle.

  10. Rajshri Sharma says:

    Hello Beautiful to know that your tenacity to continue itself is great. Your family support and guidance actually gave your commitment more value added grip to complete CA by any means. Hats off to your dare devil CA complition. I myself tried to pass CPT and appeared once for exams as my daughter wanted me to try.Due to marriage in family,my could not continue and did not pass. Unlukily from next year onwards maths was compulsory and all 4 subjects has to be passed separately. But I was not pampered to restart my studies and I was fighting my battle all alone without any support from any one.I am still struggling and trying to find my way some where and be proud of my Achievements.
    Congratulations for being CA.

  11. Padmavathi Hariharan says:

    Madam, At the outset my Hearty Congratulations to you. Am also a proud mother having completed CA at the age of 50 under similar challenges as yours. Am now in Madurai aged 84 years. Am very keen to contact you. Can you share your mobile number by e mail??
    Regards and blessings – Padmavathi Hariharan.

  12. Gajendran V says:

    Respected Madam CA, congratulations. I have completed my B.E(Hons), in 1975-80 at GCT Coimbatore, MBA in 1998 IGNOu, retired as Executive Engineer (Agri Engg), in 2015. On 1st August 2019 I joined ITT and passed on 17.8.19 at SIRC KANCHEEPURAM, Located at Tambaram East. Now doing Orientation Course at Coimbatore Sirc from 18.8.19. I wish and hope to pass CA at my 65 th year. You are my inspiration. Gajendran V.

  13. Azam says:

    Bravo, ma’am. What an inspiring story. Though you have not narrated the tough part. I’m sure it was not easy. Age is not a barrier for learning. Good luck.

  14. Anupama s Prabhu says:

    Ma’am.. a very hearty congratulations….. I’m inspired by your achievements… As I’m standing at the same spot you were in when you started your C A. People keep telling me why do you want to pursue a carreer after 45 years of age… I had to take a break for a few years due to family commitments…but somewhere I felt something is missing… You have shown me the way … To go ahead … Thanks a lot .. for having inspired me ma’am..

  15. R.S.Sarma says:

    First I congratulate for your success and becoming a CA. Secondly, you have created a sense of responsibility towards your responsible banking position and also your family commitment. Third one you have also expressed your desire for leisure and relax at the same time aiming to achieve the goal of becoming a CA. Your husband driving you to write Income Tax & IT papers at a stretch is the reason the preparation already made should not go waste has yield better result. On the whole total positive outlook towards job, family and your longing desire to acquire CA position is a token of challenge present generation should see to achieve success in life. Thanks for sharing your experience so beautifully for one and all.

  16. Rajendra B. Kanvinde says:

    Hearty congratulations Mrs. Ramchandran. Your performance would encourage many aspirants to continue with the course in spite of initial reverses. You have proved that perseverance coupled with hard work leads to success even at difficult challenges like the CA examination (Come Again exam.?) Your spouse also deserves kudos for his guidance and support.
    CA R.B.Kanvinde

  17. SNEHA JOGI says:

    Madam I had goose worms reading your story and my inner sense asks me to again get up and start the path that u took up to become a Chartered Accountant….

    You have been a great inspiration to students who take drop out and I am one of it but I feel to try again till I get best out of it… Thank you so much…

    And many many Congratulations for new beginning..

  18. S N Babugovindaraj says:

    HAts off to you for your determination to pursue amidst your other commitments as a banker , Housewife ..many youngsters shy away from the course as they perceive to be tough..
    Wishing u all success in your professional career . U will be a great support to your husband who was responsible for encouraging you to take up the challenge..
    Your banking experience will be very useful for taking up bank audit..

  19. C Radha Krishnan says:

    Congratulations madam.
    As a B.Com student, I was tried to step into. But I was discouraged by my near and dears. After red your successful story, now I have to rethink it again. Your successful story boosting my enthusiasm.
    Once again I am congratulating you and appreciating your family support.

  20. CA . T K Ramanaathan says:

    Hearty Congratulations
    You are now a live proof that if you have a strong desire backed up by determination and persistent efforts, you can achieve anything in this world.

    My Regards to your husband and your sons who have supported and encouraged you throughout.

    Wish you all the best for your future.

  21. Pawan says:

    Heartiest Congratulations !!!

    you reminded me my day .
    I was also one exception case. I married in 1999 and after that started CA. People warned me that I can’t do, but I proved them wrong.
    your story gives Inspiration to many.

  22. Prakash rao v says:

    Congratulations on your unbelievable success!!
    Thanks for your family support and they stood as an example that hard work never fails.
    Hope and wish you all the best in your career.

    Prakash rao V

  23. Vijay Patel says:

    hats up to you mam,

    when people are leaving a CA after 4 or 5 attempt at the age of 30-32, you aspiration for all that student,

    once again congratulation.

  24. Sunil Kumar Yadav says:

    Congratulations mam, it gives lots of courage to all
    Uthe who watnts to be a certified professional in their life..

    Hats up mam.

    Congratulations once again

    Warm Regards
    Sunil yadav

  25. Satish says:

    Hats off to you Madam, at the age of 58 it’s time to play with grand childrens but you played with ICAI books and exams… really inspirational to each of us…. specially women’s who live there course in the middle ….. Our institute should write this kind of article in Student Article…..
    …. Really inspirational to students

  26. Manoj Arora says:


    Hat off to you what a miracle you have done what type of enthusiasm you have my god unbelievable

    Reading your article is a lesson to all young professional aspirants as well those who have left the all hopes to be become a professional

  27. Thirugnanam says:


    I am thrilled to read about your success. From now on there is no retirement for you. You can only take VRS once again from your profession when you want. Your patience, perseverance and never say die attitude has won this for you. Thank your family for their continued support. Yours’ is an inspiration for the entire CA students fraternity.

  28. Nirmal Kumar Ghosh says:

    Hats off to you Madam. really the story is the source of inspiration.
    Right now I am 46. Basically I am B.Sc. Last year I have Completed MBA in Finance. Now I want to become a CA. how is it possible ?. what is the steeping stone towards that direction.
    Kindly focus some light in this direction.

  29. AJOY GHOSH says:

    Saroja you are truly an inspiration who faces challenges of different kind. being a CA, I can understand what will power you have and that too at that late age when your son is getting the same qualification. Determination, courage, and family support all counts but destiny also pivotal path in life. Congratulation.

  30. D.Venkata Ashok Kumar says:

    Mam your patience and commitment to complete C.A besides taking care of your family is very inspiring mam.The lesson to be learnt is to never give up and to work hard.



  32. Ramprasad Kakulavarapu says:

    Hats off to you madam. Your experience in banking sector and your age will be an eye opener to all who could not complete their CA course, definitely an inspiration to all of to all of them. Age is not at all a hindrance to success but health, determination, interest and perseverance will do wonders and your success story will be a message to people who discourage. I do wish you and your family excel in the ethical CA professional services to the society at large.

  33. BRS VASAN says:

    Congratulation madam,
    You will be the best example for me to join CA. Because It is my childhood dream. i hope i can take you as my manter. Now i am thinking of joining CA alongwith my daughter how going to join CA course from next year. Once again thanks lot for tax guru to sharing this article.

  34. P. ARUL says:

    Congrats Madam.
    A small doubt.
    Just now I have been retired from Central Govt Service on superannuation on 31/08/2018 at the age of 60.
    I have done my C.A. Articleship from Jan 1979 to Feb 1981- 2years 2 months with student membersip No.MM9521 and discontinued to join Southern Railways based on RSC Exam selection.
    I wish to know whether I can continue my articleship for the balance period and appear for CA Inter and then final Exam please. Kindly clarify.

  35. Y K TRIVEDI says:

    congrats…………………you have set an example for the present students who are not completing their
    studies and leave in the midway…..

  36. Dr. Arun Draviam says:

    Congratulations Madam. Surely this is a motivation to the younger generation.
    I am willing to share how I did my MBA after premature retirement from Indian Air Force, as a Wing Commander. During my career in the IAF, I had done LLB and CS.
    At age 60 I did my PhD, when I was a visiting faculty in B-Schools in Delhi.

  37. Nitin Goel says:

    Thanks to Tax Guru for highlighting this fact that “Where is a will, there is a way”. Madam Saroja’s achievement is an inspiration for all household ladies who give up their career at their peak to support their family. All these ladies should inspire and continue to study, work and continuously strive forward for their own life and their own career duly ensuring a balance between work life and family life, after all family life needs quality more than quantity time. Kudoos and congratulation to Madam once again.

  38. Naresh Khanna says:

    Congratulations to CA N Saroja Ramachandran Madam. I am also a science graduate from Biochemistry from 1984 and i can relate to your experience well !

  39. CA R SURESHBABU says:

    Congrajulations Madam!!! Completing CA at the age of ritirement shows your true grit and perhaps you yourself do not know how tough a character you are !!!!! truly inspiring madam. Being a CA myself I know how many aspiring young students drop midway due to the rigouessness of the course. Your achievement truly give enormous motivation to the aspiring CAs. Surely you are a legend madam among our CA Community

  40. yatish doshi says:

    You are an inspiration Maam. You are a great example for students who do not pass their examinations. i would like to salute for your determination.

  41. CA Kanika Khandelwal says:

    Salute to u Maam…Myself CA Kanika Khandelwal from Gwalior…I completed my CA in 2015 at the age of 35 years..It was challenging task for me too as when I enrolled myself into CA course I had 2 little babies in hand ; household work to manage n at the same time taking coaching classes for 11th n 12th students…but as your family stood by your side mine too….I live in a joint family and my inlaws n husband supported me immensely bcos of which after lot of struggles n hardship was able to complete my CA… Today I am a Practising CA n proud to be part of CA fraternity.

    Always suggests students if we are determined enough nothing can come in between our passion…Though it takes time but eventually hard work will always pay off…

  42. CA L R Vishnuram says:

    Dear CA Madam,
    EARNING and LEARNING has been achieved by you simultaneously by carrying out the following activities :
    1) Branch Manager Work
    2) Family Responsibility
    3) Studying
    4) Appearing CA Exam
    5) After knowing CA Result console oneself
    6) Preparing for Next Attempt
    7) Encouragement by the Family Members

    With your tireless efforts, you maintained all the above activities in the Critical Path without any floating time and achieved the CA Target through the Grace of God.

    Congratulations to CA N Saroja Ramachandran

  43. Dr N Balasubramanian says:

    Although I am 24 years older than you and myself a (non-practising)Chartered Accountant, I have no hesitation in sending you my Namaskarams and Salutations on this excellent achievement. May the Good Lord bless you with more and more laurels in the years ahead.

    Prof Bala
    Dr N Balasubramanian
    CA no. 4117 (!)

  44. Ravi says:

    Age being a Mere number , it’s tenacity that matters to achieve . Mrs Ramachandran has set an example to many of us who have given up on Professional courses on not clearing a part or 2.

    May she guide us thru professional forums.

    Very well done Madame

  45. PS Dhingra, Principal Chiief Consultant, Dhingra Consultancy Group says:

    Nothing is impossible. The only requirement is, courage, determination and concentration towards the aim.


    I wish, she must continue with a mission to inspire others also, not taking her qualification, merely as a source of her earning..

  46. rm says:

    see- the will power of a mother (aadi shakti) is strongest.

    hope madam develops business and pass on baton to daughters and daughters in laws – real competition to young girls to learn dedication live

  47. Sudin says:

    Hellow Madam. My friend shared ur write up. Great. Hearty Congrats at the same time a boost for those who left CA Halfway. But me too, at this age, now, want to continue. Not sure about exam regulations. I cleared grp 1 in 2006. Then dropped. Now looking for help to understand continuing possibilities and resuirements
    All the best to you

  48. Hemant Rathi says:

    Hello Madam,
    Really you are inspiration for others who feel guilty if they do not pass in second third or fourth attempt..
    Really you and your family make remarkable land mark for everyone’s life ..
    Keep your blessings with all your well wisher and show path to all that everything can be achieve

  49. e n ananthanarayanan says:

    Respected Madam
    It is a the best motivational Article for all students pursuing Professional Examinations with the I CAN ATTITUDE.
    May the Almighty’s Grace be with you and your family in your Professional arena .also.
    With Regards
    e n ananthanarayanan
    [email protected].

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