Meditation is a magic. It makes terrific changes in anybody. Meditators achieve everything which they desired in life. Not even its benefit limited to them, it creates such an aura that all connected persons get benefited. It is a motivation to do good for others. It helps them in evolve.


Being a meditation practitioner, I am sharing my experiences of meditation: –

1. Kidding (Dil to Bacha hain Ji) – You know who enjoys the life most – A kid. He enjoys his life by not hurting the others – even everybody like him – play with him and enjoy his company. What meditation does? – It wakes up a child in us. Meditation help us to re-live our life which we forget in our daily rush life.

2. Self-Improvement – We have to improve ourselves before expecting from others. We always expect others to behave well with us, but we forget to improve ourself. There is principle in Arya Samaj – If we improve ourselves, then society will improve itself. Meditation makes us to do the self-introspection. Self-Introspection take us to self-improvement and ultimately life become beautiful.

3. Acceptance – Why we jealous of others? Why we dislike others? Because we are not able to accept them. We have to understand that they are like that only. We have to accept them. First accept them, then improve yourself and then change them. Meditation helps us to control the expectations from others and expect others in their present form. We expect a lot and do nothing for others. Meditation make us givers instead of takers. It makes us so strong that we are able to take the big responsibility.

4. Live in Present – Meditation makes us to enjoying every moment of life. Have you noticed that regret of past and worry of future spoils our present? Live in present is the biggest task to be accomplish in the life. Lessons from past and work towards good future is essence of present but we forget this principle. Meditation take us into present from the fantasies all around.

5. Clarity in Vision – Meditation removes confusion. It opens the layers of mind and directs a person into the right direction. Person is able to avoid distractions and follow the path which he deserves. Person is always confused between options because all are likely to same and some looks much attractive. But he is not able to focus on one due to multiplicity of options available to him all around. Meditation relax him, make him visionary and direct him towards right path by removing distractions. He start living in present and judge the best thing for him.

6. Behavioural changes

Person become Soft and Polite,

He starts feeling good.

He gets rid of stress and tension.

He stops comparing which is the biggest reason of hatred and jealous.

We feel stressed and depressed. Why? We compare ourselves with others. And situation become critical, when we try to copy others. We forget our own personality. Meditation helps us to find ourselves. Through Breath in and Breath Outs, we dive into ourselves. We explore ourselves. We find the lost gem i.e. us. We start doing making ourselves. Basically, we understand about what we are.

7. Life Guide – Meditation connects the intuitive intelligence to cosmic intelligence. It works as an antenna to match your intuitive frequency with cosmic frequency. You will feel things start working in favour of you, works get accomplished on time and most importantly your luck factor giving you hand holding. In simple terms, ways get open and you will start realising and judging the right ways to go. You know why – Because you are in peace and your patience level built up.

8. Make you feel blessed and lucky – When you live in present, you start accepting others. This is the blessing and its bye product is Luck. You start blossom like a flower, people get attracted towards you, supportive and cooperative towards you – because you are changed and life is about give and take. What you give others – it come back to you.

9. Regenerate Enthusiasm and Energy levels – Well, I personally feel meditation recharge you. It vanishes your problems and you know what happens – magic. You feel charged, energetic and full of enthusiasm. You can also experience it by doing meditation.

10. Get Rid of Health Issue – Well, yes you can get rid of health issues like insomnia, depression and also able to control blood pressure and other minor ailments of the body. But what is the role of meditation in it? Relax you by reducing your stress levels –automatically all the problems related to stress also goes.

11. Manage emotions – Give you power to combat the problems. Sometime you feel happy and sometime sad, sometime feel aggressive and sometime cool. What is this? Emotions. Meditation helps to manage emotions. You will feel cool and calm in every situation. It controls your excitement and craziness – Ultimately it balanced the emotions.

12. Open your paths – People start liking you because you start blossom like a flower and feel a magnetic aura in your personality. People get attracted towards you – It generate a feel-good factor in you. As I said – You always get whatever you give. It gives you clarity among the right and perfect paths among multiple paths. There are so many ways to do any work but what is the right way – Meditation works. Similarly, you are able to select the right path – best and perfect path – because you have a cool and fresh mind always. And any decision taken from cool mind is always the best.

13. You get whatever you want – Well I say it revive you. Revival is necessary to get everything you need in life. You are able to choose the right path and right target. It does everything right and whatever you do is also become right means it put you on right track.

14. It opens the horizons – Sometime we get stucked in life. Not able to move. – Sometime we stop trying after some defeats in life. We get afraid of failures and don’t want to do fresh beginning. Meditation helps to open the closed horizons. It broadens the vision as it opens the mind. You will able to cope up the pressure of failures and can do a restart.

15. Connects you to your SELF– It takes you inside and you know the best side in inside. It strongs your intuition and builds a new in you. It strengthens you from inside and you feel connected with your intuition i.e. you.

16. Binds you -It inculcates patience in you. It brings stability in you – train to control your mind and emotions. It binds you – it will not let you break.

17. Free being busy– Meditators are free from all evils and busy in their own. Also, they always available for others – their will of serving others always make them free. They are busy but always free to help others / serve others.

18. Happifies you– You will start liking others, feeling good and moreover start enjoying every moment of life. Ultimately it makes you feel happy. Internal happiness, Rejoicing and enjoyment become the quality of meditators.

19. Creativity– Meditators are awesome thinkers and great creators. You know how – because meditation unfolded the layers of mind and keep them away from distractions.

20. Meditation magic works in a great way. It increases Awareness, Alertness, Strength, Concentration and Immunity.

I am concluding this article by advising the readers if they want to see the magic in them as discussed in the points above, start doing meditation. Initially you might feel boredom but based on personal experience within a weeks’ time, it will become your habit. You will start enjoying it. It is like daily service of the mind or you can say daily recharge of the mind. It does not take more than 20 to 30 minutes to complete the whole round of meditation. Do this mind cleansing activity regularly and the magic start working in few days.

Now-a-days, everything can be learned online. Various organisations like Art of Living, Isha Foundation, Brahamkumaris conducting online courses. One can join that and change his/her life.

My name is Gaurav Arya and I am meditation practitioner. All the points I shared above are experienced by me personally and meditation is doing fantastic changes in my life. I regular do Sudarshan Kriya (Art of Living) devised by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar. You can share your experience on meditation and discuss more on meditation on my mail id [email protected] or at +91-9560607530 (Watsapp Only).

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