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Urja Mahesh KariaWe all are professionals, CA, CS, Bankers, Tax Consultants, lawyers etc. and in this fast life we all want to be successful. Everyone thrives to be at the top, to be seen by all the people, to be appreciated, rewarded, most of all to be accepted. All we need is people to approve of us, of our habits, the way we do things. But in this race between people and targets, are we leaving something behind? Are we running so fast that we fail to see what is passing by us? Are we paying attention to what our heart wants?

There comes the need for management and personal development in your life. Managing our work as well as play is the most important thing we have to do. Start with small things. As you complete your office hours, leave the work place, don’t hang around if you don’t have any work to do after your office hours. Manage your time, start spending some time with family. Rather than coming home and being a potato couch or staring at your mobile screen, talk to your family. Be kind. Smile at strangers. Read something. Cultivate the habit of reading, it relieves stress and enhances your knowledge.

Personal development does not only mean wearing better clothes or buying expensive grooming accessories or looking good, these all things sure matter. But, the real meaning of personal development would be growing as an individual. Showing gratitude for everything and everyone that helped you where you are. Being respectful towards your seniors and being kind towards your sub ordinates.

Everyday, take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule. Grab a pen and paper. And count your blessings. Meaning what? Start writing the things that you are grateful for in your life. Only 5 things a day is enough and it works like Magic. You can be grateful for your family, friends, the money you receive, the air you breathe, the food you eat. You will feel a lot distressed, happy and passionate about the things you do. No matter how much of a senior most position we hold at our work place, we still are babies at heart. Someone who wants to be Happy.

As Leo Tolstoy said, “IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY, BE. “ period.

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