Mohan Thulasingam
Mohan ThulasingamEverybody faces hardship of life. Life is simple, though appears to be complex. It’s the interpretation and handling of life that matters the most. Just look at the Lotus plant floating in a pool of water. It merely drifts with the waves and draws the nutrition from the water, but it’s surface never gets wet. Else, the plant would drown forever. Pain is the price one has to pay for any pleasure. Nobody has an easy and comfortable life. A few illustrations from the daily life are listed here to highlight the troubles every person faces.

Even the President of US has to work hard to stay informed and powerful. A beggar has to plan his daily rounds to satisfy his level of needs. Rich people have the most of troubles as botheration to earn money, maintain their status, guard the estates, and stay free from health issues. Politicians are worried over their hold on the power and positions.

School children of one territory in China have trekked to reach their schools on the plains. They take the troubles of climbing the ladders to reach their homes on the mountain  after walking a long distance from their school. A blind man reaches his office on time every day without much fuss, but with a lot of self-confidence. He meticulously works a  receptionist in the front office.

An old man, aged 74 years, works as a night guard in a private company by traveling in two buses for 30 minutes and walking about a furlong. Though he suffers the pain of age, He feels this is the only way to keep him and his wife going without disturbing others. He spent his life earnings to marry his two daughters off. An elderly widow with a curved-back makes garlands of flowers and sells near a busy market place. She feels proud to rely on her own labor instead of depending on her children.

Hawkers selling the wares under the hot sun are a regular sight in any town. Despite the hardships and the toils required in their business, they keep faith in their wares and labor to make a living in an honest way. They sincerely carry out their trade with the hope of making it big one day.

The soldiers protect the sovereignty and independence of their country by keeping vigil at high altitudes and uninhabitable terrains without good food and sleep. They sacrifice their personal likes and forget their concerns for their families to live a detached and lonely life.

So, Do not think that you alone experience the difficulties of life. Any right-thinking person will know the true value of life. Because there is no shortcut to the genuine success and happiness. Moreover, Anything gained through dishonesty and without hard-work will not last long.

(Author is a Ex-Banker and can be contacted on [email protected])

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  1. moorthi says:

    A great thinking which is required in todays materialistic world. Despite demonitisation, still lots of hoarding, black marketing, new found wealth etc. You have highlighted the hard work for all happiness and pleasure is a laudable one. Kudos to you.

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