Lets Pledge to maintain highest standards of integrity & Pledge for eradication of Corruption which is one of the major obstacles to economic, political & social progress of our country.

Pledge against Corruption

I believe that corruption has been one of the major obstacles to economic, political and social progress of our country. I believe that all stakeholders such as government, citizens and the private sector need to work together to eradicate corruption.

I realise that every citizen should be vigilant and commit to uphold high standards of honesty and integrity at all times and support the fight against corruption.

As a citizen of the country, I, therefore, pledge:

  • To follow probity and rule of law in all walks of life;
  • To neither take nor offer bribe;
  • To perform all tasks in an honest and transparent manner and be accountable to all my actions;
  • To take decisions objectively and impartially;
  • To act in public interest;
  • To lead by example exhibiting integrity in personal behaviour;
  • To report any incident of corruption to the appropriate agency.


Integrity Pledge

We believe that corruption has been one of the major obstacles to economic, political and social progress of our country. We believe that all stakeholders such as government, citizens and the private sector, need to work together to eradicate corruption.

We acknowledge our responsibility to lead by example and the need to put in place safeguards, integrity frameworks and code of ethics to ensure that we are not part of any corrupt practice and we tackle instances of corruption with utmost strictness.

We realize that as an Organisation, we need to lead from the front in eradicating corruption and in maintaining highest standards of integrity, transparency and good governance in all aspects of our operations.

We, therefore, pledge that :-

  • We shall promote ethical business practices and foster a culture of honesty and integrity;
  • We commit to good corporate governance based on transparency, accountability and fairness;
  • We shall adhere to all relevant laws, rules and compliance mechanisms in the conduct of business;
  • We shall not tolerate bribery in any form or engage in any unethical business practices.,
  • We shall adopt a code of ethics to ensure ethical behaviour of all our employees and take appropriate action for any transgressions of the code;
  • We shall sensitise all employees of laws, regulations relevant to their work for effective discharge of their duties;
  • We shall provide a proper grievance redressal mechanism to raise their grievances and report suspicious activities;
  • We shall aspire for excellence and protecting the rights and interests of all stakeholders and the society at large.

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  1. SP says:

    fully agree with Mr. Bhatt.
    we need to have independent decision to choose right way ahead. it cannot be based on others action. Whenever this issue is raised every time we held others responsible in non-controlling it, furtherance to it its also added that alone my action would be of no help.Whereas factually and actually its only my action that will help. Its only my individual effort that will bring change. No more compromises with corruption.

  2. B R BHAT says:

    Corruption is the action we do when we cheat our self / compromise ourselves. We should do the right way whether someone / Govt watches us or not. But we should remember GOD always watches us what we are doing!. This is a habit developed over many years. We comment / criticize corrupt persons without realizing what made him corrupt. If we get similar position and power – what we would have done- we need to ask this question to ourselves first. It is very difficult to keep ourselves with straight -NO. For example imagine – Dr said to me I am diabetic and should not take sweets. When I go to a get together people offer sweets- first I will say NO, but they say take one piece, my mind says ‘it is ok, after that take that pill’. So the mind which promised to Dr that it will not make me take sweet, same mind will make you to compromise on your promise. That is the problem. Unless we change our way of living, way of thinking in all walks of life, make our mind think the right way, we will not be able to just say I am not corrupt. Financial corruption is a small thing when we see other things in life. For example see our common toilets in public areas. How many people (learned / educated / so called high class) keep it clean when they come out of it? But the same people blame the previous user who has made it ugly. Thus when we leave this world, we should not leave ugly things- morally, financially, family way, society way, loans, promises, etc.. Then only in my opinion we can feel that we are nearer to non-corrupt way of life. Just Govt Kanoons will not eradicate corruptions.

  3. manish parekh says:

    Try & compare the scenario of extorting money with pre-independence era. British Officers looting Indians. Then the British (officers) are replaced by Indian (officers). So now its Indian looting Indians !!! This itself explains the cause & also depicts a solution to the continuing corruption. These officers enjoy powers under the statute like IRS, IAS etc. These ACTS like IRS, IAS, etc were drafted in British time to RULE the people & DRAG all the rich resources of India. These were designed to RULE people. Unlimited powers were given to Officers so that they can suppress the people & extort money. Under these rules the British govt officers were never at fault. Those officers looted the country because they were supposed to do this. IRS & IAS ACTS dates back to more than 100 years. Same Rules & Acts are still continuing even with comas & full stops !! The next generation of officers (Indians) saw the benefits & continued the legacy even after independence. So, in effect, its nothing but misuse of powers which is programmed in the minds of IRS & IAS & other protected Govt officers, with the help of the same ACTS & RULES DESIGNED by the British & for the British. It has become a cosy group of government officials & politicians minting money ( looting). Highest level of Political will would be required to amend those acts and draft them in a way that the officers are made liable equally as the normal citizens are.

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