The Institute has decided to introduce New Type of Main Answer Books with Optical Mark Reader (OMR) base  cover page for use of examinees in CS examination  effective from December, 2011 examination onwards.  Detailed Instructions with regard to use of Optical Mark Reader (OMR) based Answer Books are given in the “Instructions to Examinees” appended with the Admission Certificates.  However, attention of the candidates are especially invited to the following ‘Important Instructions’ for advance information and necessary compliance :   

  • Candidates should write their Roll Number both in words and figures in the allotted space at the top of the cover page and carefully darken the appropriate circles in the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) portion corresponding to their Roll Number at right hand corner in the specified space on the cover page of main Answer Book with Blue/Black ball point pen only.
  • Candidates must ensure that before signing the Attendance Sheet on each day of the examination, they remove their respective Roll No. Bar Code Stickers of that particular paper from the Attendance Sheet corresponding the date of examination and affix the same on the cover page of the main answer book at the appropriate space.
  • Candidates should sign on the cover page of the main answer book at the space provided in addition to signing of Attendance Sheet for appearing in each examination.
  • Candidates should write the date of examination, stage of examination and the name of the subject in the specified space provided in upper portion of the cover page of the main answer book marked “To be filled in by Candidates.”
  • Candidates should darken the relevant circle for indicating the medium of writing the answers in the examination, i.e., English or Hindi medium.
  • Candidates must put a cross mark (X) in the box provided on the cover page of main answer book against the respective question number attempted by them.
  • Candidates should indicate the number of additional answer books, used by them in the space provided on the cover page of the main answer book(s).
  • Candidates should not write their name, roll number or any other distinctive marks in any part of the answer books including the additional answer book(s)
  • Candidates should carefully note and ensure that the information provided on the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) based Cover Sheet of the main Answer Book is correctly filled-up and is accurate as the same is to be read by the machine for result processing activities.  Furnishing of any wrong information can adversely affect your result, for which the Institute shall not be responsible in any manner.
  • Candidates shall not write anything in the lower portion of cover page of main answer book marked “For Examiner’s Use Only”.

Note : 1. Before filling up particulars on the cover page of the main answer book, candidates are advised to carefully go through the ‘IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES given on the reverse side of first cover page (Page No.2) of the main answer book.  

           2. For Specimen Copy of the Cover Page of the main Answer Book and Instructions to fill it, see  Illustration (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE)

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