Dear Professional Colleagues

I am happy to see the enthusiasm of the members in the run up to the elections. Yet, at the same time, I am obliged to remind members not to get carried away by the electioneering but audit each and every candidate very carefully. Balance the pros and cons and check for actual contributions made by candidates. These contributions may be professional, social, and charitable or may be the sharing of knowledge even, but at the end of the day these should be genuine contributions which enrich society, the Profession or our Institute.

I exhort you to select the best candidate for your Institute. Select candidates with impeccable professional integrity and wisdom, who will wholeheartedly build the future of our Profession and our Institute. Irrespective of caste, creed, religion or group, vote for candidates with futuristic vision and strength who will take the Institute and all its members to greater heights of glory.

Incidentally I may also mention about the email that was widely circulated in the name of the ICAI employees, maligning the Institute, the Council & the President in office. The email had grabbed a lot of attention as the communiqué was floated in the name of the employees and since then the members have been questioning the functioning of the Institute. The issues pointed in the said email were discussed with employees representatives at length in a special meeting held on October 24, 2009 at the Institutes Head Office. The meeting was concluded with an understanding that such incidents are an upshot of election year & the whole profession can’t be penalized on account of few blacksheeps (Copy attached). Though I have tried to address the queries raised by the members in this regard during various meets/ interactions /forums but no formal communication was as such floated. But, since the date of elections is approaching, I feel that a formal communiqué may be sent.

I earnestly appeal you all to have faith in the Chair of the highest Office who can never take up the areas against the interest of the profession and the members at large. I request you all to concentrate on the areas of development of our profession for taking it to newer heights and to ignore rather than respond to such derogatory mails which are circulated with the very intention to ruining/destroying the image of the profession for their personal interest.

With kind regards,

CA. Uttam Prakash Agarwal

President, ICAI

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