ICAI is promoting ‘I GO GREEN with ICAI’ scheme under which Member opting e-journal will be given a discount of Rs.590/- (including 18% GST) on total amount of Membership Fees.  This facility is available on ICAI Website under e-services at www.icai.org and at the link https://memfee.icai.org/memfee.html

Kind Attention of the Members

Payment of Membership Fee and Certificate of practice Fee for the year 2019-20

ICAI requests all its Members to remit annual Membership/Certificate of Practice fees, which becomes due for payment on 1st April, 2019 and needs to be paid on or before 30th September, 2019.  It is also requested to pay the fees preferably by 30th June, 2019 in terms of GST Liability.

Members may also pay total fees in advance for Membership/COP in exact amount for 3 years (1+2 years) along with GST. In such case, any upward revision in amount of fee in future, their Membership/COP will not be removed/cancelled from the Register of Members/COP on account of fee revision.

The applicable amount of Membership Fee/Certificate of Practice Fee and GST i.e.18% is as below;

Fees for all Members not holding Certificate of Practice Fees for Members of the age 60 years or above (as on 01.04.2019)  but not holding Certificate of Practice
Associate Membership Fee             Rs.1,500/-

GST@ 18%                                      Rs.  270/-


Associate Membership fee    Rs.1,100/-

GST@ 18%                           Rs.   198/-

Fellow Membership Fee                 Rs.3,000/-

GST@ 18%                                     Rs.  540/-


Fellow Membership fee         Rs. 2,300/-

GST@ 18%                           Rs.   414/-

   Rs. 2,714/-
Fees for all Members holding Certificate of Practice  

ICAI is promoting “I GO GREEN with ICAI” scheme under which Member opting e-journal will be given a discount of Rs.590/- (including 18% GST) on total amount of Membership Fees.  This facility will be available shortly on ICAI Website under e-services at www.icai.org and at the link https://memfee.icai.org/memfee.html


Associate Membership fee

Certificate of Practice fee

GST @ 18%



Rs.   810/-

Fellow Membership fee

Certificate of Practice fee

GST @  18%





Members are also requested to pay the following (optional);

Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund

Life Membership

Yearly Subscription

Voluntary Contribution

Rs.5000/-(If already not a Life Member)
Rs. 1000/-
A respectable amount
S Vaidyanath Aiyar Memorial Fund

Life Membership

Yearly Subscription

Voluntary Contribution

Rs.1000/- (If already not a Life Member)
A respectable amount
Air Mail charges for CA Journal (in case of members abroad)

(Shall not be applicable if member opts for e-journal)

Rs. 2478/- (optional) including 18% GST

Payment of fee can be made online using e-services at the link https://memfee.icai.org/memfee.html

Payment can also be made through ECS Mandate. Please download the ECS Mandate Form and other relevant enclosures for updation of your records from the link https://www.icai.org/new_post.html?post_id=5509

We appeal all our Members to contribute generously to Chartered Accountants Benevolent fund (CABF).

CA Govind Agarwal

Deputy Secretary (CRO)

Opt to support ‘I GO GREEN with ICAI’

Extend your helping hands : Contribute Generously to CABF

(Republished with amendments)


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    I am unable to make membership fees payment as the portal is noy working properly. There no proper site from where i can make payment.

  2. CA MBG Tilak says:

    (1) I ,personally consider charging , a fellow membership fees @ Rs 8260 pa for an FCA by the ICAI is too much on higher side (since last years on wards it appears that the fee is doubled at a stretch all of a sudden without consultation or what so ever, unilaterally) vis-a-vis its tangible services offered to individual young members in practice with FCA particularly with hardly any opportunities in professional practices including Bank Branch empanelment, other empanelled audits ,speaking,truly, frankly honestly, virtually with BIG ZERO VALUE ADDITION OF SERVICES TO majority of Members. ie Sole proprietory CA firms , excepting very few,FROM ICAI. So far I did not get any opportunity by way of Bank Branch audit, despite my continuous holding of Fellow membership ie FCA for the last 32 years,perhaps a very long period, Is it not?

    (2)There is no membership-fees con-cessation to Senior Citizen-FCAs also.

    (3)No other sister Institutes like ICSI,/ICWAI calcutta ,have increased in such a manner as on date. The ICAI while enhancing, unilaterally , one-sided , the fees ought to have considered the average income of a CA whether in Practice or in service, more particularly the sole proprietory CA firms , interests of Senior citizen, instead of considering a blessed few CAs both in Practice as well as in Service with flourishing practice & income,without ascertaining the opinions of at least senior members of the profession. Perhaps in the interests of members , the Annual membership professional fees could have been pegged at a maximum of Rs 2000/-p.a (Rs 1500/-p.a, professional fees &Rs 500/-pa ) for both FCAs &ACAs and ,some amount of concession could have been given to Senior Citizen FCAs… This is my earnest request to the Hon’ble Central Council Members of the Institute of CAs.

  3. Punit says:

    Can a Firm avail GST input credit on membership fee paid by member?
    Can a Firm pay membership fee on behalf of its members?
    How to update Firm’s GSTIN with ICAI records, in order to avail input credit

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