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FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2022-23 & 2023-24

Annexure Description
NIT, Eligibility Criteria/Evaluation Criteria, Terms and Conditions, Tender Submission, etc.
I Format of Covering Letter
II Proforma for Technical Bid
III Scope of Work for Internal Auditors
IV Proforma for Price Bid
V List of RLDs/Regions/Departmental Purchase Centres of JCI
VI a)    Proforma for Submission of Bills

b)    Travel eligibility

VII Format for Technical Evaluation
VIII Format of Integrity Pact


NO.: JCI/Tenders/IA/2022-23

Dated: 25-07-2022




i. The Jute Corporation of India Limited (JCI), a Government of India Enterprise (the implementation agency of GoI’s Minimum Support Price (MSP) policy for raw jute and a trading organization in raw jute and allied products) having Head Office in Kolkata and 14 Regional Offices/ RLDs & 141 DPCs in six jute growing states , i.e- West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh & Tripura invites application from reputed Audit Firms (Proprietary Concern and Partnership Firms) for providing Internal Audit service to JCI for the financial year 2022-23 & 2023-24. The audit to be conducted both on ‘post- mortem’ and ‘concurrent’ basis, as may be feasible.

(i) Date of Issue of Tender Document : 25-07-2022

(The same can also be downloaded from the website)

(ii) Last date of Submission of Tender Document : 16-08-2022 at 02:00 PM

(iii) Date of opening of Technical Bid : 16-08-2022at 05:00 PM

2. SCOPE OF WORK: Internal Audit of JCI for the financial year 2022-23 & 2023-24 as per Annexure “III”, with an option to extend the contract by two more years on the same rate, terms & conditions by mutual consent.

3. FEES: Fees quoted should be on lump sum basis per year, Out of Pocket Expenses at actual as subject to JCI’sTA/DA Policy and exclusive of GST as per Annexure “IV”.

3. PAYMENT TERMS: Fees Payment will be made on Half Yearly Report and Reimbursement of Expenses on Monthly basis on submission of bill as per Annexure “VI”.

2. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (certified copy of testimonial to be enclosed):

a) The Audit Firms shall be in existence for a minimum period of five years as on due date of the Tender and have Annual Turnover of at least Rupees Fifteen Lakhs (Rs.15,00,000/-). For the purpose of ascertaining parameter of Turnover of the bidder, average turnover of the bidder for the previous three financial years (2018-19 to 2020-21) shall be considered. In the techno commercial bid, the bidder shall submit ‘a 3rd party audit certificate of compliance’ to the effect of the above.

Those Audit Firms, who will secure 50 marks and above in Technical Evaluation process as per Annexure II and Annexure VII, shall be considered for price bid opening and then, selection will be on lowest price quote basis. In case of tie in price quote, preference will be given to that firm which has got more marks in Technical Evaluation.

b) This tender/empanelment is for the purpose of short listing of Firms only and would not carry any assurance of allotment of Internal Audit assignments from JCI.

c) Should have Headquarters/Branch Office in Kolkata.

d) Firms need to quote for the entire audit work or as per individual Offices/Units of JCI. The work can be allocated on the basis of individual Offices/Units of JCI.

e) JCI reserves its right to accept or reject any application/s without assigning any reasons thereof. The decision of JCI for empanelment of/allotment of internal audit works to the Firm(s) will be final and binding upon the parties participating in the short- listing.


a. Validity of Engagement: The validity of engagement will be initially for a period of two year (Financial Year 2022-23 & 2023-24)

b. Completion of Job: Time being the essence of the contract all the Internal Audit shall be completed within scheduled dates as defined in the Companies Act. It is also expected that the Internal Audit has to commence w.e.f. the award of the work.

c. Payment Terms: Payment shall be released within 15 working days from the date of submission of Half Yearly bill by the Firms/Proprietorships/Individual after issuance of Internal Audit Report to the satisfaction of JCI. No advance payment shall be made.

d. Acceptance/Rejection of Bids: The Management of JCI reserves the right to reject all or any bids without assigning any reason whatsoever.

e. Dispute: In case of any dispute arising during execution of contract, an amicable solution may be arrived at with discussion and reconciliation. However, in case of any dispute remaining unresolved, decision of Management of JCI will be final and binding on both the parties to the Contract.

f. Firms/Proprietorships/Individuals who fulfils the above minimum criteria may download the Tender Document from the site www.jutecorp.in

g. The successful bidder will be required to sign the Integrity Pact with the Corporation in cases where the value of contract exceeds the threshold value for implementation of Integrity Pact.

h. Reports are to be submitted to Director (Finance), JCI as per Annexure “III”.

Hiring of Internal Auditors For Jute Corporation of India Limited (JCI)


Tender will be submitted in ‘TWO’ separate sealed envelopes as below:

All the two (2) envelopes should be numbered clearly and super scribed with our Tender ref. number, date, Title, Bid opening Date and bidder’s name and address. All two (2) envelopes to be inserted within a single envelope; however, bidder should mention the related details on this envelope.

Envelope-I shall consist of Qualifying Requirements/Eligibility criteria (Annexure-I&II) documents, Technical offer, Name of firms where such services have been provided, PAN, GST registrations may be enclosed along with.

Envelope-II shall consist of Commercial/Price Bid (as per Annexure -IV) including commercial deviation, if any.

Above two envelopes inserted in one envelop clearly super scribing Tender details and contents inside the envelope (Envelope-I & Envelope-II) details shall be submitted by the bidder on schedule date and time as indicated in Tender.


a) Complete Schedule/Submission Schedule

(i) Date of Issue of Tender Document : 25-07- 2022

(ii) Last date of Submission of Tender Document : 16-08-2022 at 02:00 PM

(iii) Date of opening of Technical Bid : 16-08-2022 at 05:00 PM

(iv) Date of opening commercial bid (will be intimated separately) Two-part bidding system shall be followed for the subject

First Part of Opening:

b) Envelope-I: Un-priced/techno-commercial offer will be opened at 05:00 PM on 16-08-2022.


(i) All the supporting documents should be certified / attested by the bidder with office seal.

(ii) In case any bidder fails to submit the documents in support of qualifying requirements (QR), the offer of the bidder shall be rejected and his commercial/price bid shall not be opened.

Second Part of Opening:

c) Envelope-II: The commercial/price bids (Annexure-IV) of only those bidders who meet Qualifying Requirements shall be opened. Opening date will be published on JCI’s website or will be informed separately. Tenders shall be opened in presence of bidder/s, who may wish to be present.

d) Submission of Bid: The Interested parties may send their applications with all applicable attachments in sealed envelope marked with ‘BID FOR HIRING OF INTERNAL AUDIT

SERVICE FOR JCI FOR THE FY 2022-23 & 2023-24 along-with documentary evidences in support of their details furnished above to reach this office must reach latest by 02:00 PM on or before 16-08-2022.

All tenders received after the notified time of closing (i.e Due Date & Time) will not be considered. JCI will not be responsible for loss of tender documents or delayed delivery for any reason whatsoever.

The application should be addressed to:
Chief Manager (Finance),
The Jute Corporation of India Ltd.,
HUDCO Bldg. (7th Floor),
15N, Nellie Sengupta Sarani,
Kolkata – 700 087

Note: Application received after the above mentioned date and time will not be considered for opening.

Bidders are requested to visit our website regularly for any amendment / addendum/ corrigendum/ extension until last date.

6. Technical Evaluation Rejection Criteria:

a) Bid not submitted in Two Bid system in two separate envelopes. The offers of the bidders indicating / disclosing prices in techno-commercial (un-priced bid) or at any stage before opening of price-bid shall be straightaway rejected.

b) Telex / Telegraphic / Fax / e-Mail / Xerox / offers and bids with scanned signature. Original bids which are not signed manually.

c) Offers which do not confirm unconditional validity of the bid for 120 days from the date of opening of bid.

d) Offers where prices are not firm during the entire duration of the contract and/or with any qualifications.

e) Non-submission of Integrity Pact, duly signed by the same signatory who signs the bids as required.

f) Who will not comply with Minimum Existence period of 3 years and/or Average Annual Turnover of Rs.15 lakhs criteria (necessary documents need to be produced in support of the same).

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