pri What should happen on exam day of any subject of CA final/IPCC? What should happen on the exam day of any subject of CA final/IPCC?

Chirag Singhal

Here are the things, which, if followed,  I assure that you will be confident in each of your exam (provided you have completed the subject 2-3 times):

1. Sleep for 7 hours in the night just before the day of your exam. That is only way to RECALL everything you have read so far while writing the exam

2. Do not take the book to the exam center.

3. Leave your book at 12:30 or max. 1 p.m. on the day of exam.(provided exam time remains same viz 2-5 p.m.)

4. Just before you leave for the exam, meditate for 2-3 minutes, chant OM. This will stabilize your rushing brain. Very important. It’s easy. Close your eyes and chant OM in single breathe and keep repeating till 3 minutes are over.

5. On the day of exam, do not engage in any useless conversation. Fair chances of getting diverted. (Any conversation other than your subject exam is useless on that day)

6. While you’re on your way to exam center, do not discuss any topics with your friends & do not try to remember any topic. If you do that, there are fair chances your mind will lend u with such topics which u haven’t done well and you will lose your confidence. Just chill, observe the nature the roads the people around you.

7. At the exam center: Donot discuss any topic with your friends. Some of your friends will definitely ask u a doubt or tell u that this topic is important. Wish them good luck, tell them it’s useless to revise on the end moment & leave.

8. After leaving exam center: No discussion of your paper. Just analyse the marks of questions unattended and the marks of questions attended with a doubt.

9. After coming home, sit at 7 p.m. No Youtube or TV required. You can refresh yourself by taking a bath or talking to your mom or sibling or your room mate.


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