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Rajat KhandelwalHello friends, I have just cleared CS (Jaipur Rank-2) with 54.78% (Percentage matters, Rank doesn’t)*.  All of you are going to pursue some kind of exams like CA, CS or any other professional exams. So here, I want to share some RULES which I followed for my CA and CS preparations. These are not noting tips or like, but these are some rules by which you can control yourself as well as your work or study. So please take a look at following rules:-

1. Whatsapp Rule:-

whatsappAs all over the world, people use Whatsapp as messaging app because it is most convenient app in its field. Here I am not gonna tell you about its features (Which you know very well than me), but I want to tell you the habits which it has incorporated in our life. So when you chat on it with a friend, mostly you didn’t remember time period which has been passed on. Simply speaking, you are not aware about time spending on it.

So why don’t you incorporate such kind of habit in your work or studies…???? Means when you do study, just do it in such a way like you are chatting on Whatsapp. However, this rule should be followed only for night time study because all over day you have to take care of food time and other necessities. In single line, when you do study, assume that time doesn’t exist in this world.

2. Choose a cloth Rule:-

Just think that you are going to buy a new cloth for yourself, you put it on yourself and checks whether it suits on you or not. Same things are applicable on your study style.

In simple words, you have to check out which study style suits you like Timely managed study i.e. 2 Hours per subject,2 or 3 subjects in a day or like subject wise study i.e. One subject at once then next subject etc. So there are various types of study style available but the important thing is that you have to choose out that study style which suits you in which you can perform most of you.

In single line, be yourself and don’t follow others.

3. Box Rule:-

Every box has its limits i.e. certain quantity can be kept in any kind of box. If you put more than of capacity then whole things in box are at risk of damage because box is not able to handle such level of quantity.

Same things are applicable in studies. When you are going to start a subject, you should make a list of books or notes which you will read in whole preparation of subject. By this, you will be clear in scope of study about particular subject and you will not get into dilemma like I have to read that book too or that book which my friend prefers etc. Otherwise, you will never be able to handle the whole content of subject just like a box.

So, make appropriate box for every subject according to your capability.

4. Watchman Rule:-

Working of watchman is well known like record maintenance of who goes in or comes out of place and when, mediator between owner and outsiders etc.

So you should be a watchman for your studies i.e. you should maintain record about time spend on every topic/subject so that when you read that topic/subject again then you can compare time consumption between before and now. For e.g. You take 4 days for completion of a subject so when you will read that subject again then you will be in position to fix target time like I have to complete this subject in 2 days as of now.

So, don’t find job of watchman but follow his principles/duties.

5. Reserve Petrol Rule:-

All of us drive vehicles and reserve petrol situation is normal. In such situation, our mental state is normally held in positive way i.e. in desi language “Pahuch jayenge yaar….!!!!”. So this rule should be followed in studies and exam too.

This rule is mainly important for examination time i.e. from distribution of question paper to give back answer sheet to examiner.

Here I want to share some of my experience in my recent CA exams, Paper-1 Accounts was too lengthy (Not only for me but for most of students), in such case, you can only try to write accurate answers to the extent you attempt paper.

In other papers like FM and IDT, during exam time, many times a thing came to my mind that paper will not be completed in time(Because I knew the solutions of all questions and paper seems to be easy.) In such situation, you should keep your mind in positive state i.e. say to yourself that “I will do it in time, just relax and keep doing…..” I think only by this attitude, I was able to complete papers and got more than 60 marks in both papers. Simply assume the exam time situation as reserve petrol situation.

So, keep yourself in positive state and never get panic.

So friends, above are some rules which I made and followed. However, it is not compulsory for you to follow any of above rule, in other words, just make your own rules and follow them strictly and sincerely. Hence, FOLLOW YOUR OWN RULES TO RULE THE WORLD….!!!!

I just got Jaipur Rank with 54.78% only, hopefully you will get All India Rank with obviously higher percentage by just following your own rules.

Note :- (Percentage matters, Rank doesn’t), there is some correction here i.e. (Percentage, Rank or any other image making things don’t matter, only Knowledge, thinking and intention matters).

Jeete ji akhbar mein photo aana, Khas baat….!!!!

Marne ke baad akhbar mein photo aana, Aam baat….!!!!

Par kya Jeete ji ek hi baar khas banna hai….

Ye hai, sochne wali baat….!!!!

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  1. jaanujanaki13 says:

    Thank you for the tips..i.e rules.congratulations on your success.

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    Good one… Lot to learn

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    very inspirable article

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    Nice and congrats for your success.

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    Very nice rules

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