Mohit Khurana
Mohit Khurana

Hello. My Name is Mohit Khurana and I am writing this article for the first time in my life. For the past few weeks I was searching on the internet that how can I improve my English and my communication skills and the most common answer I got on every website is that if you want to increase your writing skills, start writing something in your own words it may be a letter, a paragraph, an article or anything. No matter that whether thr writing is right or wrong , the only thing that matters is your confidence level.

Although I completed my school and college from English medium but my English is not so good or you can say that I don’t have confidence to write anything in my own words on any topic. I can read English, I can understand it too but when it comes to writing than that is a very big challenge for me. Honestly speaking I am afraid of writing anything in English. But today with a lot of courage & efforts I am writing this and I know there are lot of mistakes in it but someone said that “Practice makes man perfect”. Not only me there are many persons like me who are afraid of English even if they are good in reading and listening…this is not because they are poor in English, this is because they don’t have confidence to write something in their own words and to build a confidence in yourself, start writing something related to anything. When you write something in your own words it not only help in increasing your writing skills , it also gives you a lot of knowledge, experience and ability to write anything on any topic. This is first time that I am writing something in my own words and believe me, I personally realise that as I am writing more and more, my confidence level is also increasing slowly. Before I started writing I was afraid that what to write? or how to write anything? but as I started, thoughts automatically started coming in my mind and I am just copying and pasting my thoughts here. I have read somewhere that when you writes something in English, don’t use complicated words rather use as much as simple words and if you read this article you came to know that I have applied the same rule here also.. I didn’t used any difficult or complicated words here because I am also not so good in writing and if someone thinks that your seniors will be impressed with you if you write difficult words than believe me this is not a good option in my opinion. Use simple words so that everyone can understand what you want to explain.

one thing that I want to clear that this is not a motivational message as I am not so experienced person to motivate anyone, I wrote this due to two reasons;

First, as I told you earlier that I am also an average student with not good in English skills so I want to improve my writing and,

Second, is for all those who thinks that writing is a waste of time, I want to say that writing is not a waste of time, it is a way to become an expert from an.

So spend some time on writing and I know that you will get good results

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21 responses to “The Fear of English…………”

  1. Dilip Mishra says:

    My company bank account siez by sales tax dept. Now how can I pay excise duty.


    Hi Buddy,

    Keep it up, it is good way to improve each and every thing of your great life.

    Go ahead

  3. Shubham says:

    Gud One

  4. Ravindra Kunawat says:

    Nice way to Motivate others Mohit. All the best.

  5. Davinder Singh Bharaj says:

    Excellent and good move. Go ahead with great enthusiasm and achieve your goal. Believe it you are on the right path and everyone should chose this for improvement if one feels.

  6. Raj says:

    Keep it up

  7. Manisha says:

    This massage is very motivational keep it up !!

  8. Amit says:

    Very nice article. Go ahead.

  9. Pratap Keshari Naik says:

    You are example to others. Dhanybad

  10. AKhil says:

    Read full artice without skip. Keep it up

  11. Santosh Choudhary says:

    very good & very resulted note

  12. Amit says:

    Yes bro… Its best way to learn,
    cause When u Write u can understand that Where is ur going right or wrong. Urself u can find out the what’s the wrong…
    And when u write it will be the keep in ur memory for the long time

  13. senthil says:

    It is very good start & motivational for those who read your article.

    Select some specific subject and write on it…

    Keep rocking

  14. Janak Dalal says:

    It is a common problem. I further suggest that try to write on paper with good pen and as far as possible avoid computer typing. Because if u write on a paper more ideas will be generated while writing. If you write on Comp, your concentration will be more on pretty lay out. My schooling was in vernacular medium, but I overcome the problem after some practice. There are some more tips but later.

  15. Nilesh G. Sonawane says:

    very Nice Articles…. Mohit ji

    First, I have also written poem on GST & Demonetization in my mother tongue ( Marathi)
    But as Motivated by Mr. Sandeep Kanoi Sir (Founder &CEO of Taxguru) I have written both poem in English & same published on Taxguru site that poem receives more than 1000+ view & calls receives from the various parts of India that was very great Experience for me. so now am started to write articles on current issue….. you also keep it up……………..


    Mohit, very good !! Next time you’ll find yourself improved a lot .

  17. Ashwin Naik says:

    I really satisfied with taxguru in that, all type of articles available to improve our knowledge & confidence. Mohit you done it very well but, I am also poor in english but, you write for taxguru, it encourage to me to write something that, I have knowledge about any material.

  18. Sundar says:

    Nice writing Mohit Khurana, your writing itself published in this article.

    This article useful and inspirational for many.

    Good one..

  19. Atul Pandey says:

    Same problem here. Well written Mohit.

  20. Manohar Gurnasinghani says:

    Good attempt. Keep it up !!!

  21. Biju says:

    Good idea Mr.Mohit. You expressed your idea in simple words, but it is motivational to all…. thanks..

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