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For a ethical CA Practice, following factors play a very important role:-


As faith is a belief, trust is an action,

Even a deaf can conclude this from ones motion,

There is no fees to learn this, use your own intuition,

As we all believe on our knees that they keep us standing without any suspicion.

Therefore faith prevails when there is :

F→ Full

A → Accurate

I → Iconic

T→ Trust

H →Happens

Ethical CA Practice - Building Trust with Integrity

-Trust…An expensive thing

In every single step of life trust play a very important role,

From childhood to adulthood to old age, it will impact your life goals,

Everyone should trust on ourself and other ones so that you will never fall,

Definitely, your progress will improve because of this trust call.

Therefore keep trusting on your intuition, surroundings and your expensive vibes.

In short, for me…  Trust is like

T: The expensive

R: Rare

U: Undefined

S: Soul

T: Thing 

So guys,

It’s Not Too Late !!!

Friends, happenings are according to your fate,

That will going to happen on a particular date,

There should be no reason to see your life with worry and hate,

Because it’s still not too late.

If one way going to close, choose to open another gate,

Definitely, you will meet with many ones, that’s your mate,

Have faith, do good, and just wait,

And you’ll come to know, it’s not too late.

Try to make other ones exhilarate,

And you’ll feel, your happiness is with you no one can hijack,

If haven’t tried up as on date,

Try it, it’s never too late.

But for that…

Replace “I” with “We”

“Me” with “Us”

So that team will able to present what it does.

Replace “Ego” with “humility”

“Negativity” with “positiveness”

So that you can easily solve your purpose.

Replace “tiredness” with “fresh energy”

“Doubt” with “faith and trust”

So that you can make your personality fabulous.

By Shweta

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