This e-book is on ‘How to be Future Proof’ which contains: a. Are we becoming redundant?  b. Are we heading towards a mass ‘work extinction’? c. How to tackle Present to be Future ready? d. Step Plan to be Future Proof etc

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

Times are changing.

Every day we are witnessing falling Goliaths (large organisations) and rising Davids (start-ups)!

Additionally, the pace of the change is rapid.

At present, in a week’s time, we are confronted with so-many changes in business and technological world, that it looks like a year passed-by!

We, as an individual or organisation, were never trained for such rapid pace of change.

All of us were raised for a predictable and slow-moving world.

Even our childhood stories were wrapped around the stable world.

For instance, we were told that a slow and steady turtle wins the race, than a fast rabbit!

So, effectively, we were told to be calm than being fast and restless!

However, life and business principles, which were relevant for the erstwhile predictable world, have started falling apart!

And now, rabbits are winning!

Technology disruption shrinking the world. Almost every industry is surrounded by turmoil!

In this rapidly changing world, every day, we are struggling to remain relevant.

Sometimes, we wonder ‘is this the start of mass ‘work extinction’?

While we can’t control or slow-down the pace of ‘change’, earlier we recognise it, better we our preparedness for future would be!

This book is written to assist the reader decode the challenges and take right first step to be future proof.

The book is divided in three themes, present (challenges), future (what to do) and past (life lessons).

The book captures the insights learnt from various leading authors and their books –as covered in Bibliography, and also from whatever I could gather from my own life.

To make the book relevant to the age of Twitter and What’s App, I have tried best to keep the book and insights brief.

By far, this is the shortest book ever written by me!

I hope this book assists readers in taking first step to be future proof!

Feedback for improvement of the book is welcome at


Pritam Mahure

Machine Intelligence is the last invention that the humanity will need to make.

Nick Bostorm

1 ‘Work extinction’ refers to a scenario wherein we will remain, but not the work we do!

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