A 40-year-old chartered accountant committed suicide at his house in Rohini in outer Delhi in the wee hours of Saturday, the police said. The deceased, identified as Bharat Bhushan Chawla, a resident of Rohini Sector 16, was apparently under stress over a family dispute.
Bharat had been staying with his wife Sangeeta and a 14-year-old son, but they had left home on January 19 after an argument that took place between the husband and wife.

The incident came to light when Bharat‘s brother Subhash approached police around 1 am on Saturday claiming that Bharat was neither responding to phone calls nor was he opening the gate at his house.

“When our team reached the spot, the house was found locked from inside. When no response came from Bharat’s side, we broke in through the window and found Bharat hanging by a rope from the ceiling,” a senior police official said.

The police have also found a suicide note at the spot which bears Bharat’s signature. He has blamed his in-laws for the extreme action.

“The note says Bharat had given a loan of Rs 23 lakh to his in-laws, but they never returned the money. When he asked his wife to get back the money, it led to a misunderstanding between them,” the officer added.

Bharat was upset after Sangeeta left  home and started staying at her parents’ house.
“We are currently investigating to ascertain the authenticity of the suicide note,” said the officer. “Bharat’s in-laws are being questioned and action will be taken soon after the investigation is completed,” the officer added.

The police have sent Bharat’s body for post-mortem at Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Mangolpuri.

A case has also been filed at K N Katju Marg police station.

Source- DHNS

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0 responses to “CA in Delhi commits sucide”

  1. adv. pushpender bhardwaj says:

    All my professional brothers and sisters. Never forgot to obey your parents as well as your inlaws but maintain distance between you and your inlaws. Like you never forget your parents likewise girls also never foget their parents too.Both want to care them well. But dont let them to dominate you in your life ,social circle,your profession o.k. You and your family sacrifices for your career and after marriage in laws come to eat the fruit. Stop all these bash trends. Live life in your own style.

  2. CA MUTHUKORI says:

    Is suicide Solution to this problem-answer is no.

    All Professional brothers of CA fraternity,please marry the girl and not the in-laws.Many in-laws who are from unstable financial backgrounds prefer to marry their daughters to high paying salaried boys so that they can depend for financial support and get regular income from their son in law and also support their different types of inlaws such as brother in law,sister in law,mother in law,father in law and any other in laws if existing.the CA is a golden goose in terms of social status-MERA THEMAAD CA HAI,financial status-MERA CA THEMAAD BAHUT KAMATA HAIN HAMEIN THODA SUPPORT KAREGA TO KYA FARAK PADTA HAIN-boosting ego-MERA CA THEMAAD APKA KAAM KAR DEGA.as if his CA THEMAAD was a magician or God. PHOKAT KA MONEY PE ENJOY KARO,AE JI MERA THEMAAD MERA THEMAAD MERA THEMAAD – MAI DATER HUSBEND IS SONE KA MURGI.

    Unfortunately our indian laws donot protect the husbands and if the husbands try to put up a legal case they will go to the jail for false dowry case and physical or mental assault.the whole family of the husband will be sent to jail.This is how the indian legal system works.The social trauma,the mental trauma and the career damage this can do to a professional’s life can be very very painful and will take a long long time to recover.Suicide is not the solution but the permanent solution to all this problem is a PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT.THIS IS VERY COMMON IN WEST TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS AS AN INDIVIDUAL AND ALSO DONOT ALLOW ANY EXTERNAL INTERFERENCE ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP-FINANCIALLY AND MENTALLY.THE WIFE OF CHAWLA IS TO BE COMPLETELY BLAMED..THE WIFE and HER FAMILY SHOULD BE SOCIALLY BOYCOTTED AND ALL YOUNG CA’S SHOULD REMEMBER THIS INCIDENT AND ALSO UNDERSTAND IT IS EASY TO COMMIT SUICIDE BUT THINK ABOUT YOUR MOTHER,YOUR FATHER,YOUR BROTHER,YOUR SISTER IF ANY OF YOU ARE IN A SIMILAR SITUATION .YOU WILL COMMIT SUICIDE BUT THE SCAR WILL REMAIN FOREVER IN THEIR LIVES.OUR SOCIETY LIKES TO REMEMBER SUCH INCIDENTS-OYE USKA BHAI TO SUICIDE KIYA HAIN USKI BEHEN SE TU SHAADI KAREGA ETC ETC ETC

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