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Why this article?

This article is written specifically to warn the business world about an aspect of hiring employees. They need to understand as soon as possible that “Hiring people with good resume does not mean hiring good people”. I can see around me people who are obsessed about good resume and better writing of covering letters. Generally, HR department will screen the applications of candidates based on formatting of the resume and the manner in which covering letter is written. (Note: If your company/organization is not doing it, congratulations, you are doing the right thing).

Wad reading one article about “Tips For The Perfect Resume And Cover Letter” on, for your information is Ranked 54th Most visited website in United States and 157th in global usage ranking (as per The article can be referred to at following link.

First of all, the article should not have been published.

One thing good about the article is that I got a chance to write to you about something very important. Want to narrate one instance when on being mocked for his dress in America, Swami Vivekananda said, “In your country the tailor makes your personality but in our country our character makes our personality.”

Applying the same analogy, I want to make this point very clear that leaders and people of potential can be found in all forms, shapes and colors. So, it’s completely baseless and foolish if someone rejects the person for interview just by seeing their resume and cover letter.

It means we are deciding a person’s entering or not entering in an organisation by their resume making skills. Are you hiring them for resume making? Do you expect to hire them for doing job or are you hiring them for making resumes and presenting them all the time.

I mean, if I would be in a manager or a leader, I would definitely look at the contents, experience and skills rather than the words used to express the same. Those who don’t have anything useful to do in this world but knows only good language does this type of analysis about what word are used and so on. “You have 70% chance of being called for interview if you write these words and 75% of being rejected if you use those words. These all are analysis for doing time pass.”

I consider this as a fool’s job to do such analysis. Please don’t do it.

At a stage where’s reputation is concerned, before updating any article like this, it should be approved from a responsible person. We can observe where the world has reached and we are talking about resume making and cover letters. After Spending few bucks if a person makes good resume with the help of resume making services, will he become more talented? Will he be able to do work more productively. I think we should come out of these foolishness and think rationally.

One more thing, good resume does not mean good person.

I wish I made my point clear.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Practically, there are more than one bottlenecks in a company, the bigger one seeks innovative people. The smaller ones do not give a damn about initiatives, they treat employees like animals. Sometimes your boss is lazy enough to come at 9 o’ clock in weekdays so that he calls you on sundays @ 11:30. On more than one occassions i have been humbled and humiliated for absolutely no reason. God chuck these people.

  2. CA Rajesh Pabari says:

    Its like, business world and HR people need to handle the same with care. Content should be looked into. Wordings and formatting should not.

  3. Sanjay Kumar Jha says:

    Agree with the contention that a resumes, cover letters, art by which words are used in it etc. all these donot always reflect that a good and skilled person is waiting behind it. Yes there is lots of window dressing being done in a resume, so it cannot be relied upon.
    But there is another facet of resume, that it is certainly a means by which corporates differentiate between lacs of job applicants. It is the first stage of entering into the corporations. A well written and relevant one is moved for further process while others loses away the chances.
    Although there is no definite and absolute relation between the type of resume and selection of the applicant, yet one cannot negate the fact that there is no relation between them. The Forbes’s article represent the conclusion on a survey which statistically took huge data and the result and conclusion upon it is somehow undeniable.

  4. CA Anand says:

    In this “Show Business” world, a ‘wrapper’ is more important than the ‘product’ inside. An eye-opening article for the business word.

  5. Dinesh chandra says:

    The obsession of business world about good resume has created employment for those who are good in creating hype about anything. But this has at the same time doing no good for the job seekers and for the organisation. Hyped resumes may help job seeker in getting the employment but it is not necessary that he or she can help the organisation matching the writing in the resume in all cases.Therefore, it is good for the business world to get rid of this obsession. This will help both the parties.

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