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Become addicted to continuous and unlimited self-improvement.

Be a diamond by daily polishing yourself!

If daily you learn one self-improvement technique you would have learn 365 techniques in a year.

And in 5 years time you would be a different person with 1825 techniques!

If you would look in the history many great examples you will find.

For example, No one after so many centuries also is able to replace the place of Shakespeare which he enjoys in English literature. What’s the reason for same?

Because Shakespeare invented over 1700 of our common words by changing nouns into verbs, changing verbs into adjectives, connecting words never before used together, adding prefixes and suffixes, and devising words wholly original. The English language gives a great credit to Shakespeare.

Just assume that Shakespeare if have invented one word daily then within 5years of time he has easily invented the 1700 words and became legend. Same way if you will learn 1 self-improvement technique daily you can also become legend. It’s just a matter of simple discipline. We all can do it however only those who have the vision of what can happen to their life if they follow this technique will do it.

It takes courage, spirit, bravery and guts to do simple things at times.

If you have decided now to become a legend then, how will you learn this success habits and improve yourself? There are millions of Self-help books are there in world for you to learn this success habits. Then attending seminars on self-improvement and watching documentaries or videos on self improvement are some other means.

Just give atleast these five years of your life learning and applying one self-improvement technique for yourself as early as possible. At the end of five year you would see the result. Then that success and result will be enough to motivate you for the rest of your life.

The example of self-improvement habits are as follows :

1. Making a habit to start a day reading something positive.

2. Making a habit to end the day visualizing your goals of life.

3. Writing down your goals of life.

4. Making a habit to use “Thank you” and “Please”.

5. During the day helping someone without expecting anything back.

6. Learn how to use the computer to make your work easy.

7. During the day using affirmations for yourself improvement.

8. Learning the time management methods for yourself.

9. Learning how to dress smart.

10. Learning table etiquettes.

11. Learning telephone etiquettes.

12. Learning e-mail etiquettes.

13. Learning handshake etiquettes.

14. Learning principles of happy relationships.

15. Learning how to manage your wealth.

In this way you can choose daily one habit follow it with discipline for two weeks then it will become a way of life.

In end of this matter I would say

“Don’t underestimate your capabilities…Sky is the limit for your potential.”

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In the night think about and write what self-improvement you have done for today. If you get the positive answer great and if you get the negative answer try to do it and then sleep. And write in your diary what will you do tomorrow as a self-improvement technique for next day.

In this way by following self-improvement you will step-up every day, enhance your skills, will make progress in life and will become one day a perfect example to give to others.

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