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Kunal R. SarpalHello friends,

It I said, that you must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life will never CHANGE.

It’s so apt and true. We can easily say that most of our life is an addition of all the choices we have made until now. Some might be voluntary decisions, some due to circumstances and some decisions we make for the sake of our peers, family and friends.

Nevertheless, the power of choice, to decide always remains with us. There is absolutely no situation or circumstance in life that does not present us with options. (AUR Dikhao) the famous slogan used by Amazon these days is really catchy and significant of how, we as people in general love making decisions, or at least having a lot of options.

To give you a simple guide on how to be better decision makers is tricky, as decision making is something really subjective and unique to every person. However, when it all boils down in averages, here are some common threads that emerge.

1. Trust your inner voice (your guts)

This might sound cliché and you might give me an Oh Come On! Expression, but I request you to pause for a second, delve into your past, and experience the decision making process you undertook. Was it pure logic? Was it based on data? Was it influenced by relationship or the rapport with the person? What was it dude?

In most of the critical situations, it is your gut that guides you the best. Because critical situations are known to bring with themselves their ‘paucity of time cousin’, which does not really give you the luxury to sit back, peruse a gamut of research and data and make a fact-based decision.

In a nutshell, I strongly feel that our gut is clairvoyant. It has the ability to knowing the ramifications of the decisions it forced us to take. And remember, the gut is based inside us; therefore, it will never force us to take a decision that goes against our interest or physical well being.

Trust your gut (your instinct); it knows stuff that your head isn’t able to figure out yet.

2. Imagine the repercussions

Just like in chess, some of the grandmasters know the 15 moves after they play their side! Incredible!

Likely, we should too be able to understand the aftermath of our decisions. Try to imagine yourself in different scenarios based on your different decisions and this picture you get in your mind, will help you sort your decision making dilemma immediately!

3. Seek outside help

Now, I again appeal to you all to imagine the best advice you have received till date. It is definitely from a source you least expected it to come from. Isn’t it?

I for instance have received or absorbed the best learning’s while travelling. Observing people how they go about their stuff is really fascinating and awe-inspiring. Actions speak, shout and howl louder than most words you would ever find.

On the same footing, if you ever see yourself on a pedestal, wherein your choice is going to have long term implications and is going to affect a huge group of people in a substantial way…I call these ‘the material decisions’ the critical ones, it is wise to seek counsel from an expert in the area. Now, expertise which is procured through experience is always the best, as this person has ‘been there and done that’ primarily the reason why experience counts more than your qualifications in a job interview or why retired folks make the best advisors and counsellors.

So, go ahead, don’t take the right decisions, take the decisions and then work your butt off in making them right!

It’s time to take the flack!

(Author can be reached at whitecollarlegal@gmail.com)

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  1. rajiv says:

    does your above 3 steps also apply to political decisions, or some illegal acts in hurry and repenting at leisure by people but why their guts didn’t stop them, indulge in anti-social/anti-national/criminal activities by chance or choice. or does the fate, their stars position, their karmas, controls once decision making irrespective of their caliber and back ground. any decision can be made success if it is backed by financial support and back up

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