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Qualification: Student - CA/CS/CMA
Location: Durgapur, West Bengal, IN
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Full stack compliance professional with demonstrated history of working in Labour Law compliance, secretarial audit. Skilled in Management Information System (MIS), labour law audit, secretarial audit, compliance management. Strong finance professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Business/Commerce from University of Burdwan. Highly energetic, self-driven, ability to work under pressure. Bachelor in commerce from burdwan university, IIBF KYC AML certified, V Skills KYC AML certified compliance officer, published a research study on wildlife money laundering. At present pursuing Post Graduate Diploma In Financial Management from Nalanda Open University. In future going to pursue Masters in Business Administration from Jaipur National University. Apart from my educational background, i also like to attend various seminars, webinars to keep my knowledge upto date. I have attended various seminars on * ESSCENCE OF CRITICAL THINKING IN MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH BALAJI UDYOG. * TAX AUDIT U/S 44AB MSME TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE, (PPDC), Agra. * GST ANNUAL RETURNS IN TALLY ERP9 MSME TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE, (PPDC), Agra. * YOUNG THINKER’S CONFERENCE, 2020 (YTC). The British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata. I have also published a research study on * Wildlife Terrorism in India: Study on Regulations, Wildlife Crime Situation & Money Laundering Techniques. WHITE BLACK LEGAL: THE LAW JOURNAL in collaboration with, “Centre of Management Consulting & Research, CMCR IIBF KYC AML Certified || V Skills KYC AML Certified Compliance Officer ||

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