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Tatkal Issuance of FSSAI License and Registration

July 9, 2024 1077 Views 0 comment Print

Learn about FSSAI’s Tatkal issuance scheme for fast food license and registration. Understand eligibility, digital verification, and practical implications for food businesses in India.

Industrial Designs in India- An overview

July 4, 2023 732 Views 0 comment Print

Industrial design plays a crucial role in shaping the aesthetics and functionality of products, and it is important to understand the classification system that organizes these designs. Industrial design classes categorize products into different groups based on their nature, purpose, and characteristics.

Exploring Trademark Filing in India: Interesting Facts and Insights

April 28, 2023 1779 Views 0 comment Print

Uncover the intriguing world of trademark filing in India with these facts. From the history of trademark laws to the e-filing system, explore the nuances of registration.

Debunking Common Misconceptions and Myths about Trademarks

April 28, 2023 447 Views 0 comment Print

Get clarity on trademarks! Debunk common myths and misconceptions surrounding trademark registration. Understand the importance of protecting your brand identity and intellectual property.

Artificial intelligence and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

February 14, 2023 4521 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the key considerations and challenges related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in this article. Learn about patentability and copyright protection for AI-generated works. two uses of ‘Artificial intelligence and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

Ethics in Accounting: A Guide for Future Accountants

February 6, 2023 3432 Views 0 comment Print

Accounting ethics are vital for decision makers, stakeholders, and the public; learn why in this guide for future accountants. Discover the importance of ethics in accounting and how to cultivate ethical practices.

Shop And Establishment Registration in Uttarakhand

January 25, 2023 6021 Views 0 comment Print

Understand the significance of Shop and Establishment (S&E) Registration in Uttarakhand. Learn about its mandatory nature, legal compliance, protection of employee rights, government oversight, ease of doing business, and access to government schemes. Discover the steps involved in obtaining S&E registration in Uttarakhand, including document gathering, online application, inspection, and renewal. Stay informed and consult experts for accurate information on the process.

Consequences of not Taking FSSAI Registration/License

January 23, 2023 3438 Views 0 comment Print

Discover the vital importance of FSSAI Registration/License for food businesses in India. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) mandates this 14-digit license, a legal requirement ensuring food safety and quality. Operating without it can lead to severe consequences, including legal action, business closure, reputation damage, inability to sell products, lack of credibility, limited market access, difficulty in obtaining financing, exclusion from government schemes and tenders, insurance challenges, and restricted export opportunities.

Agreement For Profit

June 2, 2021 9396 Views 0 comment Print

Profit sharing takes many different forms, although each iteration involves sharing operating profits or losses among associated financial actors. The Profit sharing is used as an incentive program–a small business owner may pay partners or associates a percentage-based reward for referring new customers. Also the profit sharing is used to distribute profits that result from […]

Food Recall Plan In FSSAI

December 5, 2020 21096 Views 2 comments Print

The food recall is a procedure used for removing or correcting marketed food products and their labeling if they violate any food law of the Regulatory Authority of the FSSAI. Recall can be defined as an action to remove food products from market at any stage of the food chain, including that possessed by consumer, which may […]

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