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Sweat Equity Share As per companies act, 2013

April 22, 2021 33471 Views 1 comment Print

What are Sweat Equity Shares? The Promoters and employees who contribute to the formation of the company may like to get compensated against their hard work (Sweat) in the form of equity either discounted price or consideration other than cash. This is what term as sweat equity. It helps the business retain its brilliant human […]

Investor Education and Protection Fund | Section 125 | Companies Act, 2013

July 10, 2020 21981 Views 1 comment Print

Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) is a fund that is created by Central Government under section 125 of Companies Act, 2013 for promotion of investors’ awareness and protection of interests of investors. 

Loan to Directors by Companies – Section 185

June 29, 2020 13665 Views 1 comment Print

Loan to Directors, etc. Section 185 of Companies Act, 2013, explains the provisions related to loans or advances to directors or any security provided in connection with any loan taken by him or his relative either directly or indirectly by the company and also the punishment for contravention of the provisions of this section. The […]

Requirements of Secretarial Audit

June 28, 2020 80145 Views 3 comments Print

Secretarial Audit for bigger Companies Secretarial Audit is a process to check compliance with the provisions of various laws and rules/regulations/procedures, maintenance of books, records etc., by an independent practising Company Secretary to ensure that the company has complied with the legal and procedural requirements and also followed due processes. It is essentially a mechanism […]

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