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TCS on Sales of Goods- section 206C(1H)- Detailed analysis

October 3, 2020 35376 Views 4 comments Print

Detailed analysis with a practical approach on TCS on Sales of Goods- section 206C(1H) Since morning of the 1st day of October, 2020 we have received so many calls from clients and friends making queries on different aspects of section 206C(1H) of the income Tax Act. Some of such important queries and probable answers of […]

22 queries & solutions relating to GSTR-9 for 2018-2019

September 16, 2020 25590 Views 11 comments Print

1. Whether the figures of supply made during 2017-18 but disclosed and tax paid in 2018-19 will be reported under the Table 4 of 2018-2019? While preparing the GSTR-9 for 2017-18, the said amount of under reporting must have been shown in Table 10 of the GSTR-9 of 2017-18. Table 4 of GSTR-9 of 2018-19 […]

Notification no. 63/2020-CT under GST law- nothing to be worried for

August 26, 2020 37917 Views 3 comments Print

Section 100 of the Finance Act (No. 2), 2019 has been notified on 25/08/2020 vide Notification no. 63/2020-Central Tax Dated 25.08.2020. Strong reactions have been witnessed in last few hours after the aforesaid notification made public. Let us recall the total issue before making any bold reaction.

Sale of Timbers: Does ‘Karnataka Timber Depot’ Works as Agent of Coffee Garden Owners?

July 26, 2020 3090 Views 1 comment Print

DOES ‘THE KARNATAKA TIMBER DEPOT’ WORKS AS AGENT OF COFFEE GARDEN OWNERS- FOR THE PURPOSE OF SALE OF TIMBERS? -A question arise from the orders of the AAR & AAAR.  One advance ruling was pronounced by Hon’ble Advance Ruling Authority, Karnataka vide order No. KAR ADRG 99/2019 dated 27/09/2019 in the case of Tata Coffee […]

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