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Unlocking Unclaimed Investor Funds: SEBI’s New IPEF Regulations 2023

SEBI's latest IPEF Regulations empower investors to claim unclaimed funds from listed entities, REITs, and InvITs. Explore the key amendments and their impact....

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Vacancy: Official Liquidator’s Office, Bombay High Court – Apply Now

Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Office of the Official Liquidator, Bombay, is hiring Drafting Counsel/Associates. Learn about the roles, eligibility, and application process...

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Request for Form 10B and Form 10BB Relaxation & due date Extension

Chamber of Tax Consultants seeks an extension for filing Form 10B and Form 10BB while requesting relaxation of requirements. Details and updates here....

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Surge in Taxpayer Compliance: India’s Direct Taxes Data Revealed

Explore the remarkable increase in taxpayer compliance as India's Time Series Data of Direct Taxes showcases rising ITR filings, income growth, and tax collection success....

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BSE Annual Listing Fee Revision for Privately Placed Debt Instruments

Notice No. 20231026-31 26/10/2023

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) revises Annual Listing Fees for Privately Placed Debt Instruments (PPDIs) effective from November 1, 2023...

RBI Mandate: Regulated Entities Joining Account Aggregator Ecosystem as FIP

Notification No. RB I/2023-24/77 DoR. FIN. REC.53/03. 10.123/2023-24       26/10/2023

RBI directive requires regulated entities to join the Account Aggregator ecosystem as both FI-U and FIP, ensuring efficient data exchange. Learn more about this update....

Review of Financial Information Provider under Account Aggregator Framework

Notification No. RBI/2023-24/76 DoR.FIN.REC.52/03.10.123/2023-24 26/10/2023

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has reviewed the Financial Information Provider (FIP) role within the Account Aggregator Framework, replacing Pension Fund with Central Record keeping Agency...

RBI Enhances Bulk Deposit Limit for RRBs

Notification No. RBI/2023-24/75 DoR.SPE . REC.50/1 3.03.00/2023-2024 26/10/2023

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has reviewed instructions on bulk deposits for Regional Rural Banks (RRBs), raising the limit to Rupees one crore. Learn more...

Non-Callable Deposits – Master Direction on Interest Rate on Deposits

Notification No. RBI/2023-24/74 DOR.SPE. REC. No 51/13.03.000/2023-24 26/10/2023

The RBI has increased the minimum amount for non-callable deposits from ₹15 lakh to ₹1 crore, impacting domestic and Non-Resident (NRE/NRO) term deposits. Learn more...

RBI: Strengthening Customer Service by CICs and CIs

RBI/2023-24/73 DoR.FIN.REC.49/20.16.003/2023-24 26/10/2023

RBI directs Credit Information Companies (CICs) and Credit Institutions (CIs) to enhance customer service through various measures....

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