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SEBI Annual Report Clarification: Difficult To Recover Cases

Press Release No.17/2023 10/08/2023

SEBI addresses news misinterpretation of Annual Report data. Learn about 692 'Difficult To Recover' cases, their composition, and recovery details as of March 31, 2023....

IRDAI Circular: Indian Risk Based Capital Framework Guidelines

Circular No: IRDAI/RBC/CIR/MM/158/8/2023 10/08/2023

Stay informed about IRDAI's latest circular on Indian Risk Based Capital Framework. Learn its impact, significance for insurers, and future developments....

Reduction of Timeline for Listing of Shares in Public Issue to T+3 Days

SEBI reduced the listing and trading timelines from the existing T+6 working days which came into effect from January 01, 2016, to T+3 working days...

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Unlocking the Maze of Development Rights: Implications under India’s Income Tax Act

Unlock the complexities of development rights and their tax implications under India's Income Tax Act, 1961. Delve into Section 56(2)(x) to understand the treatment of development rights as immovable property or capital asset. Explore legal definitions, case law, and the intricate interplay of tax provisions in this comprehensive guide....

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Startups: Methods of raising funds

Discover the diverse methods of raising funds for startups, from equity financing with angel investors and venture capital, debt financing through bank loans, to grants from government and corporate entities. Understand seed funding for early-stage ideas and growth stage funding for expanding businesses. Gain insights into the dynamic sta...

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Inventory Valuation: Avoid Costly Mistakes (Income Tax & Companies Act)

Effective inventory valuation is essential for businesses. Learn about its significance, Income Tax Act (Sec. 142) & Companies Act (Sec. 148) implications....

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UAE Corporate Tax Laws: 151 FAQs Explained

Get comprehensive insights into UAE's new Corporate Tax legislation through 151 FAQs. Understand regulations, exemptions, definitions, rates, and more....

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Understanding CGST Rule 88D: Analysis & Implications

Explore the detailed analysis of the new Rule 88D of CGST Rules, 2017 through Notification No.38/2023-Central Tax dated 4th August, 2023. Learn how this rule impacts taxpayers' input tax credit claims and compliance....

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Limitations of Cash Flow Statements: Analysis and Insights

Explore the limitations of cash flow statements in financial analysis. Understand how they provide a partial view, require contextual analysis, and may not reflect true liquidity....

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Detecting and Preventing Errors and Frauds in Auditing: Guidelines & Responsibilities

Explore the auditor's role in detecting and preventing errors and frauds in auditing. Learn about responsibilities, challenges, and regulatory requirements....

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