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Validity of ITR filed prior to 01.04.2019 without quoting of Aadhaar

Circular No. 06/2019-Income Tax (31/03/2019)

Returns which were filed prior to 01.04.2019 without quoting of Aadhaar number as an outcome of any decision of different High Courts in a specific case or returns which were filed during the period when the online functionality for filing the return without quoting of Aadhaar number was so available...

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Statutory Dues including Income Tax, VAT etc. are Operational Debts under IBC

Pr. Director General of Income Tax (Admn. & TPS) Vs M/s. Synergies Dooray Automotive Ltd. & Ors. (NCLAT)

Pr. Director General of Income Tax (Admn. & TPS) Vs M/s. Synergies Dooray Automotive Ltd. & Ors. (NCLAT) Conclusion – All statutory dues including ‘Income Tax’, ‘Value Added Tax’ etc. come within the meaning of ‘Operational Debt’ under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016. Facts – According to appellant, the ‘...

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Rectification application of assessee not to entertained in case assessee’s conduct was speculative

PCIT Vs N. R. Portfolio (Delhi High Court)

PCIT Vs N. R. Portfolio (Delhi High Court) Conclusion: The conduct of the assessee was speculative, it was not an uninformed litigant; it calculatedly chose not to question the rejection of its cross objection. Instead, waited more than a year after the decision of this court (which was rendered on 21-12-2012) till the two members [&helli...

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Special Income Tax Benefits to Non Residents

Who is a non resident under Income Tax Act, 1961? Non-resident is a person who is not a ‘resident’ as per the Income Tax Act, 1961. For detailed provisions related to residential status, reference may be made to TPI brochure titled “Determination of Residential status under Income-tax Act, 1961”. Income which are n...

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Limiting Customer Liability for Unauthorised Electronic Payment Transactions in PPIs

What is purpose of prescribing a framework for Limiting Liability of Customers for Unauthorised Electronic Payment Transactions in Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs) issued by Authorised Non-banks?...

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Non-Filing of I-T Returns not necessarily mean no source of Income

Shrimati Ragini Gupta Vs. Piyush Dutt Sharma (Madhya Pradesh High Court)

Non-filing of Income Tax Return by itself would not mean that the complainant had no source of income and thus, no adverse inference can be drawn in this regard only because of absence of Income Tax Return....

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Addition can be made without issuing notice u/s 153C separately in case both assessee and his brother lived in same building

Vinod Kumar Gupta Vs Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax Central Circle-17 (Delhi High Court)

Where both searched assessees were brothers and were involved in the common business and assessee used to be in-charge of the accounts, there was no necessity of issuing notice under Section 153C separately to assessee in case they lived separately, but in the same building....

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Exemption U/s. 54 cannot be disallowed just because exemption was claimed U/s. 54F

ACIT Vs Jai Kumar Gupta (HUF) (ITAT Mumbai)

Deduction under section 54 was allowable on purchase of flats as merely because assessee, by ignorance of law or mistake, had claimed deduction under section 54F instead of section 54, such ignorance of law/mistake on the part of assessee could not be utilized to its disadvantage by AO....

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Special audit justified only if AO forms opinion that same is in interest of revenue

Multi Commodity Exchange of India Vs DCIT (Bombay High Court)

Requirement of the formation of the opinion as to the special audit being in the interest of the Revenue continues to apply before and after the amendment. Nevertheless, the basic essential requirements of exercising the powers have been substantially widened by the legislature by way of such amendment....

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Prosecution not to be launched in case matter was already pending before authorities

Sayarmull Surana Vs ITO (Madras High Court)

No necessity for Department to have launched prosecution hurriedly when the case was pending before lower authorities as the law of limitation under Section 468 Cr.P.C. for criminal prosecution had been excluded by the Economic Offences (Inapplicability of Limitation) Act, 1974. ...

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