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Archive: 18 September 2018

Posts in 18 September 2018

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Mutual Funds?

September 18, 2018 2073 Views 0 comment Print

Many investors think that since mutual fund invests in stocks thus they are better off investing in stocks directly without paying the additional fees of investing in mutual funds schemes. The mutual fund investments attract the expense ratio on the fund and also the investors have no control over the investments that they make. This […]

How to Revive or Active Strike off Company?

September 18, 2018 44925 Views 2 comments Print

In these Article, Author list out various provisions of strike off and process of revival of company through the Tribunal.

Importance of DISA (Diploma in Information System Audit) for a practicing Chartered Accountant

September 18, 2018 70176 Views 10 comments Print

Being a Auditor, DISA qualification will be must down the line may be 2 to 3 years. Reason is simple, most of the organisations will be system driven where all the processing and controls will be integrated through computers.

Dos and Don’ts When Filing a Health Insurance Claim

September 18, 2018 1977 Views 0 comment Print

Health insurance is not merely a preference anymore; it has perfectly taken the importance of a necessity, all there to secure us financially against almost all health odds! With anytime availability of applying for insurance online, getting a health insurance policy is now just a matter of a few good clicks. But with ease, we […]

Extend Tax Audit Report Due Dates – Taxation Bar Association

September 18, 2018 72573 Views 52 comments Print

Taxation Bar Association, Ludhiana has requested CBDT to extend the due date for furnishing the tax audit report and Income Tax tax return to be extended for a month to 31st October 2018. Relevant Text of Representation is as follows:- Sub: Request for Extension of due date for filing tax audit report and return of […]

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