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Public Notice No. 34 (RE-98)/97-02, Dated: 31.08.1998

Public Notice No. 34 (RE-98)/97-02 31/08/1998

Handbook of Procedures, 1997-2002 Vol. 2 ( incorporating amendments made upto 31st August, 1998. Attention is invited to the Export and Import Policy, 1997-2002 (incorporating amendments upto 13th April, 1998) published under the Ministry of Commerce Notification No. 1 (RE-98) dated 13.4.1998....

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Notification No. 16 (RE-98) /97-02, Dated: 31.08.1998

Notification No. 16 (RE-98)1997-02

- In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 5 of the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992 (No. 22 of 1992) read with Paragraph 4.1 of Export and Import Policy, 1997 –2002, as amended; the Central Government hereby notifies the ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items 1997-2002 (Revised Edition: August, 199...

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Circular No. 416/49/98-Central Excise, Dated: 31.08.1998

Circular No. 416/49/98-Central Excise 31/08/1998

Circular No. 416/49/98-CX It has been brought to the notice of the Board that there exists some doubt in the field formations with regard to powers of entertaining refund applications in cases where refund has to be granted under provisions of Rule 97 and Rule 173 (L) read with Section 11B wherein the goods originally manufactured and cl...

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Notification No. S. O. 2116-Income Tax Dated 28/8/1998

Notification No. S. O. 2116-Income Tax 28/08/1998

Notification No. S. O. 2116-Income Tax In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-sections (1) and (2) of section 120 the Income-tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961), and the powers conferred on me by the Central Board of Direct Taxes, New Delhi, vide Notification No. 9565/F. No. 279/129/93-ITJ (Pt. II), dated July 5, 1994, and S. O. No, 504, dated...

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Import of Canalised items

Policy Circular No. 34 (RE-98)/98-99 28/08/1998

It is hereby clarified that the items which are canalised can be imported by Canalising Agency only and not by an individual importer. An individual importer shall require an Import licence issued under Paragraph 4.8 of the Export and Import Policy (1997-2002) as amended....

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Circular No. 415/48/98-Central Excise, Dated: 28.08.1998

Circular No. 415/48/98-Central Excise 28/08/1998

Circular No. 415/48/98-CX I am directed to draw your attention to para 5.2 of the Board"s Circular No. 81/81/94-CX dated 25/11/1994 and para 6.2 of Board"s Circular No. 87/87/94-CX dated 26/12/94, wherein it has been provided that where the AR4 indicates that the export is in discharge of an export obligation under a Quantity-based Advan...

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Customs House Agents Regulations Clarified

Circular No. 62/98- Customs Duty 28/08/1998

Regln 6(a) was amended stipulating that the applicant for a temporary licence should be a graduate from a recognized university and have experience of Customs clearance work for a period of not less than three years inthe capacity of form 'G' pass holder, in addition to the other earlier existing conditions. The commissioner could relax ...

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Public Notice No. 33 (RE-98)/97-02, Dated: 27.08.1998

Public Notice No. 33 (RE-98)/97-02 27/08/1998

In exercise of powers conferred under Paragraph 4.11 of the Export and Import Policy, 1997-2002, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes following amendment in Chapter IV of the Handbook of Procedures, 1997-2002, Vol. 1 ( incorporating amendments made upto l3th April, 1998 )....

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Circular No. 414/47/98-Central Excise, Dated: 27.08.1998

Circular No. 414/47/98-Central Excise 27/08/1998

Circular No. 414/47/98-CX "From the perusal of the order we find that the Superintendent has placed the draft appeal along with the grounds of appeal and put up for approval with the authorisation letter before the Collector. There is no indication whether Collector had applied his mind with reference to the impugned order for filling ap...

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Notification No. S. O. 721(E)-Income Tax Dated 25/8/1998

Notification No. S. O. 721(E)-Income Tax 25/08/1998

Notification No. S. O. 721(E)-Income Tax This notification contains amendment to Income-tax Rules, 1962 carried out on 25th August, 1998 not reproduced here as it is already contained in the body of the rules itself....

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