Download Income Tax Calculator in excel – A.Y. 2013-14

Income tax Calculator in excel format for Assessment Year 2013-14 or Financial year 2012-13 calculates tax payable by you on various source of income. It can calculate tax for all categories of Individuals including senior citizens and very senior citizens. It can calculate tax on all categories of income including business income, house property income, capital Gains, income from other sources etc.  Calculator is easy and user friendly. Calculator not only consider income from various heads but it also considers the following :-

  1. Set off of Current Year Losses
  2. Set off of Brought Forward Losses
  3. Rebate on Agricultural Income
  4. Tax on Income Taxable at special rates i.e. Capital Gain, Inning from Lottery etc.

Download Income Tax Calculator in excel – A.Y. 2013-14

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