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Distribution of Cash Benefits through Depositories

All cash benefit distributions are being processed outside the depository system. Thus, no information is available in the demat account with respect to entitlement of cash benefits and payment of the same to the investors. In case any investor requires any information or has a complaint with respect to above benefits, they are required t...

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How to Register as AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Advisors (ARMFA)

All AMFI/ NISM Certified Intermediaries engaged in marketing and selling of Mutual Fund schemes are required to be registered with AMFI after passing AMFI/ NISM Certification Test. The Mutual Funds will not be able to deal with intermediaries who are not registered with AMFI and obtained ARN....

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Taxation of shares’ income confusing you?

Confused about taxation of any income arising in respect of shares, be it capital gains on sale of such shares or dividends received? There is general perception that any income received in respect of shares is exempt from tax, be it capital gains or dividends. ...

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Stock Market Investment Tips For beginners

Stock Market Investment is a good method of making money only When you do it with much care and attention. Most people think that stock market is good place to make money. If so all stock traders and stock market investors must become multi millionaires and billionaires. But the reality is not that. When you […]...

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7 Advantages of Stock Market Software that you should know

Investing in the stock market can never be easy with only one source of information. Very often, the investors of the stock market conduct their own analysis rather than hiring stock market experts. These investors are reliant on the information that is presented to them by external sources or they normally generate their own trends for t...

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Classfication of Shares when all such shares been bought in regular course business?

Karan R. Bahl Vs ITO (ITAT Mumbai)

In the instant case, all the shares have been bought by the assessee in the regular course of his business, employing common funds, depositing them in the same D-Mat account, and even through the same broker and infrastructure. ...

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Gains on shares held in investment portfolio not assessable as business profits

Commissioner of Income Tax-VII Vs Avinash Jain (Delhi High Court)

The intent and purport of the CBDT circular No.4/2007 dated 15.06.2007 is to demonstrate that a tax payer could have two portfolios, namely, an investment portfolio and a trading portfolio. In other words, the assessee could own shares for the purposes of investment and/or for the purposes of trading....

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An order executed in parts by exchange can not be considered as multiple transactions

Mr. Nehal V. Shah Vs ACIT (ITAT Mumbai)

The AO held the assessee to be a trader in shares & assessed the gains as business profits on the ground that (a) there was high frequency & sale transactions, (b) there were instances where delivery was not taken and shares were sold within a short period,...

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Profits from shares is business profits: ITAT Mumbai

Smt. Sadhana Nabera Vs. ACIT (ITAT Mumbai)

The assessee, a director and shareholder in a company engaged in share trading, returned income of Rs. 78,89,499 earned by her on transfer of shares as a “short-term capital gain”. The AO took the view that as there were voluminous transactions, the assessee was engaged in share trading and the income was assessable as “business inc...

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Personal verification of client’s mandatory requirement for opening share trading account

Circular No. SEBI/MIRSD/Cir.No.02/2010 18/01/2010

The Securities Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has said that 'in-person' verification of clients is a mandatory requirement for opening account by a depository participant (DP). This will hold good for opening trading account by a stock broker and vice versa, if the stock broker and DP is the same entity or if one of them is the holding or...

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