The Application Tracking System (ATS) is a major e-Governance initiative of the Reserve Bank of India.

Foreign Exchange Department, Central Office and its 17 Regional offices have since adopted the ATS, to facilitate the customers to apply and track the status of the applications online.

Under the online Application Tracking System (ATS), customers can submit applications online  and also track the status of an already filed / submitted application. The applicant would be required to login with email id and password as registered with the RBI website. In respect of those applications, being submitted physically at the counters of the Foreign Exchange Department, a valid email id is required to be indicated in the letter / application. An auto generated information will be sent to the email id given upon receipt of an application and also at the time of disposal of an application by the Department. Status of all letters / applications (other than statements and returns) requiring a reply from the Foreign Exchange Department can be tracked by accessing the ATS. ATS can easily be accessed on the homepage of RBI (


FAQs on use of ATS

1. What is the ATS?

The ATS is an Application Tracking System, hosted on the public website of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which has been developed for members of the public to submit any individual application to RBI and keep track of the status of its disposal thereafter.

2. What is an application?

An application can be any application, addressed to any department of RBI, through which members of the public can apply (except such applications for which specific instructions have been given regarding mode of submission, etc.)

3. How can the ATS be accessed?

A link to ATS has been provided in the RBI website

4. Who receives the application?

The Department / Office selected by the applicant, while submitting his/her application through ATS, will receive the application.

5. How does the ATS work?

  1. A first time user should register through ATS using his/her valid email id.
  2. A system generated Password will be forwarded to the applicant’s email id.
  3. Thereafter, the applicant can login and submit his/her application and track the same.
  4. As soon as an application is submitted through ATS, a unique application number is generated and forwarded to the applicant by the system.
  5. A mail is sent by the system automatically when the application is disposed of or transferred from one office / department / section to another.

6. Can the ATS application be transferred to any other office / department / section?

Yes.  The applicant will immediately receive a mail conveying details of the original office / department where the application was submitted and the details of the office / department / section to which it has been transferred.  The information can also be ascertained through ATS by the applicant under ’My Application’.  The entire history will be shown.

7. What happens when an application is transferred to another office / department?

The application is automatically inwarded in the receiving office/ department and marked to the administrator of that department.

8. Whether any attachment can be sent along with application?’

Yes. One or more documents can be uploaded along with the application. However each document size should not exceed 1 MB.

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