For compliance of TDS provisions knowing correct name for a given PAN is vital. The ‘ABCAUS- Know name from PAN utility’ considerably shorten the process for knowing a name from PAN.

It can be just a click away with this utility.

Download “ABCAUS- Know name from PAN utility”

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0 responses to “Know Name from PAN in just one Click”

  1. Ram says:

    It is not working how to use it ?

  2. Dinesh says:

    very nice and helpful

  3. mahadevan says:

    A non performer.

  4. Abhay Kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    How can i download and install the file

  5. CHANDRESH says:

    Know your PAN utility soes not work, however it seems to be very beneficial. Kindly check and confirm.

    Regards Chandresh

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