PAN cards are now being printed with Enhanced Quick Response (QR) Code.

Features of new PAN Card design:

1. Enhanced QR Code will contain Photograph & Signature of PAN applicant apart from existing information i.e., PAN, Name, Father’s Name/Mother’s Name, Date of Birth/Incorporation/ Formation. The aforesaid details will be digitally signed & coded on the Enhanced QR Code.

2. Enhanced QR Code shall be readable by specific Mobile App which is available on Google Play Store (Key words – ˄Enhanced PAN QR Code Reader˅). An auto focus camera having resolution of 12 Mega Pixel and above is recommended for reading of the Enhanced QR Code.

3. Positions of Photograph, Signature, Hologram and dimension of QR Code have changed.

4. The Enhanced QR code will also be provided in the e-PAN Card issued to the PAN applicants.

Specimen of the PAN Card as per new design is as under:


It is clarified that PAN cards and e–PAN Cards issued prior to July 7, 2018 in old design will also remain valid.


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