Arun Jaitley to hold pre-budget consultations from tomorrow

Pre-Budget consultations will kick off from today. In this exercise, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will hold meeting with different stakeholders including, representatives of industry chambers, trade unions, financial services sector and state finance ministers to get sector-specific suggestions for the Budget. Today, Mr. Jaitley will hold meeting with social sector related groups and representatives of Agriculture sector.

The General Budget is likely to be presented in the first week of July. It will be the first major policy document of the Narendra Modi government which will spell out the direction of the econom

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0 responses to “General Budget likely in first week of July 2014”

  1. Somnath Bhattacharya says:

    Mr.Arun Jaitly will interact with corporate personnel who will impress for their interest.To reduce interest,reduce taxes etc, so that corporate sector can earn more profit.The high profile employees will earn more salary and perquisite.If we consider the % of such class of people are hardly 4 to 5 percent of total population.I wonder who will represent the balance 95 to 96 percent of people who are working either in unorganised sector or depending on cultivation.India is a such a country that economy shall not surrender to market whose motive is how to earn more profit.
    I do hope the new government shall look in to the matter.I suggest some points for consideration.Fixed target for next 10 years:

    1.100% access of Road to every village.
    2.Total wipe out the below proverty line.
    3.Education for every citizen of India.
    4.There shall not be single child labour.
    5.Lower interest for rural housing scheme.
    6.Toilet and at least one BHK for every family of rural India.
    7.Proper marketing of agricultural product.
    8.Improve purchasing capacity of rural people.
    9.No dis-creation amongst cast,creed religion and language.
    10.Create monitoring agency on zonal basis to monitor central aids are properly reached to the beneficiaries.
    11.Remove the mistrust amongst inter religious community.
    Hope my humble submission will reach to Finance Minister.

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