Download Latest Form-16 (New Format) Generator with Auto tax Calculator and Salary Statement 

The CBDT has notified a new format for form-16 vide Income Tax notification No. 36/2019 dated 12/04/2019.

The Income Tax department has made many new changes in format of Form-16 – the salary TDS certificate, requiring a detailed break-up of salary, tax exempted allowances paid to the employee and also all break-up of deduction claimed by employee.

Also concurrent changes have been made in the format of TDS return (24Q) filed by employer with the tax department and form-16. This will allow the taxman to cross check the employee’s ITR, Form-16 and employer TDS return.

Due to latest amendment made by Income Tax department in format of Form-16.  w.e.f 12/05/2019, from AY 2019-20 every employer has to give form-16 part B to his employee in a new format.

Keeping in view, a Form-16 Generator in new format with Auto Tax Calculator and Salary statement available to you in excel format.

Now with a less time, you can easily generate and print the

  • Salary statement,
  • Computation sheet,
  • Form-16 with Annexure to form -16, form 12BA,
  • Calculation of Income from house property with 80EE rebate,
  • Exempted allowances and Income from other sources.

Also you will be able to know the applicable rule (also hipper link) in Information & Rules for exemption and deduction section.

A. Download Latest Form-16 including Annexure A and Form 12BA (New Format) Generator with Auto tax Calculator and Salary Statement in Excel. (Blank)

B. Download Latest Form-16 including Annexure A and Form 12BA (New Format) Generator with Auto tax Calculator and Salary Statement in Excel ( Filled for reference)

Form-16 Generator without Annexure & Salary Statement-

If you want to generate only Form-16 Part B without salary statement and its Annexure A & Form 12BA. You can use only Form-16 Generator with Auto Tax calculator. You have to fill the amount and select the heads in Tax calculator only. and print the

    1. Form-16 only.
    2. Computation sheet.
    3. Detail of calculation of House Property & Exempted Allowances.

C. Download Form-16 Generator(without Annexures) in excel

Please go through and provide me feedback. If you find any inconsistency, correction or amendments, please let me know, I will try to fix it at the earliest.

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  1. aviverma4u says:

    Dear Sir,
    what about the Form 12BA which is also necessary if any perquisites value is there and employee gross salary is more than 1.50Lakh.

  2. Gagandeep Singh says:

    Death Cum retirement gratuity under sec 10(10) is 20Lac or 15Lac?

    Thanks for the sheet it is very helpful and knowledgeable.

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