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We Would like to clarify here that many of the readers have misunderstood the article. Article by no mean says that due date has been extended but it demands extension of due date of filing of return to 30th Sep, 2017.

Due to the implementation of the GST law from 01.07.2017 and the necessity of linking of PAN with Aadhaar Number from 01.07.2017 while filing ITR, has caused severe problems to tax-payers. When the last date for filing ITR approaches the income tax e-filing site suffers great slowdown thereby leading to delay in filing the same as also once the session of login at e-filing portal is over the user has to re-enter the required details for login which involves a great hectic for the user especially in reference to the tax consultants, chartered accountants who file the large number of ITRs of their clients.

Not only this, sometimes it also happens that the site goes under repair or shows technical problems in last days, even at the eleventh  hour of filing the ITRs, which leads to the waste of the valuable time of the persons filing the ITRs .

Therefore, looking to the above problems, keeping in view the interests of the taxpayers the e-filing site should be made more well equipped with the functions which provide the users of the site to restore the work done by them before the hanging up of the site and such breakdown of the site must be prevented.

Assessees are getting messages for filing their ITR on due date of 31 July. The welfare of the honest taxpayers also lies in providing of the basic e-filing facilities and timely availability of the income tax e-filing site in working condition for the online submission of ITRs. In view of these hardships, faced by the users until the e-filing site is made more secured and strong enough the due date for the filing of returns must be extended in order to protect the taxpayers who are willing to file timely ITRs but due to the problems inherited in the site they are finding it difficult to do so on “due date”.

As per Explanation 2 of section 139(1) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, for the purposes of the sub-section (1) of section 139, “due date” means,—

(a) where the assessee [other than an assessee referred to in clause (aa)] is—

(i) a company; or

(ii) a person (other than a company) whose accounts are required to be audited under this Act or under any other law for the time being in force; or

(iii) a working partner of a firm whose accounts are required to be audited under this Act or under any other law for the time being in force, the 30th day of September of the assessment year;

(aa) in the case of an assessee who is required to furnish a report referred to in section 92E, the 30th day of November of the assessment year;

(b) in the case of a person other than a company, referred to in the first proviso to this sub-section, the 31st day of October of the assessment year;

(c) in the case of any other assessee, the 31st day of July of the assessment year.

Therefore, keeping in view the hard realities due date, 31 July of filing income tax return should be extended to 30.09.2017 as correction in the PAN and Aadhaar, wherever is not linking, is also taking time and there are problems of internet, e-filing site and works relating to newly implemented GST.

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36 responses to “Request to extend due date of filing ITRs from 31st July, 2017 to 30th Sep, 2017”


    Please extend the date as i am not able to file my returns due to deactivation of my PAN.I have represented to I.T DEPT on 19-7-2017 to activate my PAN sothat i can file my returns.i am still waiting for the reply from the I.T DEPt.Therefore please extend the date.

  2. 9667048877 says:


  3. Vishwas B M says:

    ITR filing extended to 5th Aug 2017

  4. Rajesh says:

    not good heading

  5. Rajesh says:

    Please correct heading of article

    • admin says:

      I do not think heading have any issue , its just that people do not read properly or read what they want.

  6. Rajesh says:

    if no. of person are misunderstood and confused , it means it need to clear heading of articles .

    but issues for extension regarding the due date of ITR is correct.

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  8. Bipin Mehta says:

    Tax payers should not be compelled to do something which is impossible for them to do. In many cases, Tax payers returns are ready but they are unable to file because the I T Server is down and in some cases they are unable to link their PAN with Aadhar. So, demand of extension is justified. The finance ministry must look into the matter and give relief to Such Tax payers.


      please extend the date as i am not able to file my returns as my PAN IS DEACTIVATED and i made representation to the I.T .DEPT ON 19-7-2017 AND AWAITING APPROVAL TO FILE RETURNS UNDER MY EXISTING PAN .Iam surprised to see that a new pan indicates against my name now but the same is not issued to me neither i have ever filed retrurns on this new PAN CARD.

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