Overwhelming Response for e-filing from Every Corner of the Country; More than 82 Lakh Returns E-Filed till 29th July, 2013 which is More than 40% of the Returns e-filed during the Same Period Last Year; Record Peak of more than 85,000 Returns Per Hour Achieved .

The due date for filing of Income Tax Return for individuals and non-auditable cases is 31st July, 2013. There has been an overwhelming response for e-filing from every corner of the country. More than 82 lakh returns have been e-filed till 29th July, 2013 which is more than 40% of the returns e-filed during the same period last year.

On 30th July, 2013, 6.23 lakh returns were e-filed till 6:00 PM. Record peak of more than 85,000 returns per hour has been achieved.

Due to overwhelming response, some taxpayers have reported problems in accessing e-filing portal which is primarily due to network constrains of the local internet service providers. The e-filing portal has been running without any interruptions and is being continuously monitored by a dedicated team of income tax officials in Bangalore. The situation will again be reviewed by the CBDT tomorrow morning.

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0 responses to “e-filing of Income Tax Returns got Overwhelming Response”

  1. Sekaran says:

    As another friend has mentioned before it is the Govt institution which is the defaulter. It is quite obvious that they do not have any kind of accountability except on the paper!If any one raises cain it is suppressed with full force by the supervisors and their Generals above! It is all a very good crooked set up. If that compalaining too fails then the Trade Unions go on Dharnas, work to rule, strikes etc instead of following the rule in the book (which is common for all branches) for the benefit of the Aam Admi which they themselves are and forget that fact. They think that they are a protected lot and sons and daughters in laws of the GOI! What an irony!First and foremost Govt bodies should behave and help the customer uniformly and wholeheartedly or die away fast!

  2. CA. Subhash Chandra Podder, says:

    The Income Tax department should have to take appropriate steps against the Banks specially Govt. Sector Banks ( Nationalized Banks ) by not issuing TDS Certificates on time / before June 2013. Many Tax payers is facing this problem. Many senior citizen are visited banks since from the month of May2013 but unable to get those TDS Certificates on Deposit made with them. This Problem is not only this year 2012-2013 , but also in Earlier years also. Hence, CBDT should take steps and / or issue notification That ALL Banks should sent TDS certificates at their addresses in the record of the Banks. One of My lady client ( 66 years of Age ) reported that she is fade up with the banks as she had requested banks / visited more than 5 times , still unable to get the Certificates . and have decided to with draw all her deposits with the Bank. CBDT should directed all banks to issue TDS certificates on deposits by MAY every year.
    CA. Subhash Chandra Podder , FCA

  3. Dilip Jain says:

    The website are not responding properly and further when the return made online compulsorily for above 5 lakh income then the department should keep in mind that most of asseessee are not well versed with the online system so they should provide some extra time and further thus mansoon season the public are disturbed due to heavy rain fall so considering all the above fact the due date should definitely extended.

  4. venkat says:

    agree with rahul’s observaton. with little knowledge of excel individuals can fill in the form easily. The IT payers should not wait for the last day to efile the return to avoid the network congestion. they can do in the first week of july. Only problem some banks do not send the TDS returns resultig in this not being reflected in 26AS form. IT authorities should take strict steps to make the banks to submit returns before 31st May. Strict action has to be taken by IT dept to deaulting parties.

  5. Rahul Nadkarni says:

    One of the reason is now these days the dependency on so called tax experts is diminished mostly by Individuals and HUF unlike in earlier to e-file the tax return and they do it on their own.This is a classic example of IT enabler which inceases the revenue to the national exchequer and have the potential to penetrate deep and spread the tax base of the nation where 3% of the population pays the tax.This may not ring bell good to the ears of certain professional but definitely serves the nation.

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