Bill No.18 of 2013 – THE FINANCE BILL, 2013 A BILL to give effect to the financial proposals of the Central Government for the financial year 2013-2014

Finance Bill

Chapter I


Chapter II

Rates of Income Tax

Chapter III

Income Tax

Wealth Tax

Chapter IV



Chapter V

Service Tax

Chapter VI

Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme,2013

Chapter VII

Commodities Transaction Tax

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0 responses to “Download Finance Bill 2013-14 as Introduced in Lok Sabha”

  1. K K SARAOGI says:

    Dear Mr. Mujahid Ahmed,

    Your query is not clear. I could not understand the meaning of re-transferred in the matter. However, for the purpose of wealth tax, the asset must be in the name of the wealth tax assessee as on 31st march, 2013.

  2. MUJAHID AHMED says:

    A person transfered an urban plot of land in Feb 2013 in favour of his niece,which was not recoverable during her life time . His niece died on 14th Mar 2013 and Ranjan could ge the title of plot retransfered to his name on 15th april ,2013 Mark value of the plot of land as on 31st March ,2013 is 14,10,000.Now if the person will pay the wealth tax as on 31st March 2013 ?

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