The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested a Deputy Commissioner and two Inspectors, all the three of Income tax Department in a bribery case.

A case was registered against a Dy Commissioner of Income Tax, Karimanagar (Telangana) on the complaint from Managing Director of a private chit fund firm alleging demand of Rs. 25 lakhs as bribe for showing favour in respect of survey conducted at the said chit fund company wherein some documents were seized. It was further alleged that the Dy Commissioner of Income Tax has initially collected Rs. Two lakhs yesterday from the complainant and gave it to Inspector of Income Tax. Subsequently, on the same day, the Dy Commissioner of Income Tax has allegedly collected Rs. 23 lakhs for himself and he was caught red-handed. The bribe amount of Rs. 23 lakhs was recovered from the car which was allegedly kept by the complainant as per the directions of the said Dy. Commissioner.

The arrested accused are being produced today before the Special Judge for CBI cases, Hyderabad.

Further investigation is continuing.

CBI Press Release- New Delhi, 21.10.2014

As per news Published in India Today DCIT in the case is Jai Prakash and name of His Inspector is Ramu and Complainant Businessman is Sivakumar.


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0 responses to “CBI caught DCIT taking Rs.23-lakh bribe”

  1. t.v.sreekantan says:

    kindly name the middleman in the said transactions

  2. Sekaran says:

    Honesty starts at home. Unfortunately the Laws of the land and collusion between Babus, the excecutive( police, courts and detective agencies) and ministers have vitiated the entire country’s moral fibre. Congress party which was in power for six decades can take credit for all the negatives of life in India. CBDT who deal in all the tax matters have been the worst offenders. No wonder that DCIT has taken 25 lakhs as Divali Baxis! Hopefully Modi Ji would set the course right at least now and make life of the AAM ADMI more liveable in Bharath. The penalties are too l small and easily surmountable. A more fundamentalist body wedded to honesty is now required to set the course of India right instead of bending backwards to curry favour with bosses.

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