We found following Email Circulating on various websites which claims to be forwarded by a Known member of ICAI :-

Inspite of strong representation from us as well as various Associations and ICAI, on the basis of the talk and discussion prima facie it appears that date of filing the Return of Income of 30th September, 2013 will not be extended.  The main reason or hesitation is sharp fall in the collection of revenue as well as further loss by way of collection of tax deferred by one month, which is termed “Revenue Foregone”.   In view of this Members are requested to go ahead with filing of Returns for which due date is 30th September, 2013.

However, it also transpires from the representation and discussion made that the date of Uploading the Tax Audit Report (3CD) is likely to be extended from 30th September to 31st October, 2013.  The notification of the same may be received shortly.

All the Members are requested to see that Returns of Income are filed and Uploaded before 30th September, 2013.

Wish you all a happy, busy and hectic September ending!

Source- Unconfirmed

Editors Note – Above news seems to be a rumor in the name of a Known CA.  All are requested to wait for official notification from ICAI or CBDT.

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0 responses to “CBDT may not extend the due date for filing ITR”

  1. N K singh says:


    The website has not been responding, it was very very slow, could not uplaod ITRs of many clients by as late as 11.59pm on 30 sept,
    Do we have any system of appeal in such cases where Govt. Infra like website chokes and you fail to meet deadlines despite your efforts.

    Pls suggest, how can we avoid heavy penalty.


  2. Amitabh Roy says:

    The new schema has been uploaded by the Income Tax Department on 24.09.2013, when just 6 days is just remaining for filing of audit report by due date ie 30.09.2013 ..is this is not the valid reason for the Depart to increase the due date…because the Income Tax Department is not sure about his schema is right or wrong, after making so much updation…hence the time should be extended

  3. Mohammad Arif Advocate says:

    This seems to be a rumor as one who is well aware of system of filing of e return can understand that the return of income cannot be uploaded before the furnishing of audit report its really something very sad that few people are really not serious with their work and I think they hav no work at all and are too free to spread false and misleading news like this and they cant be a professional


    CBDT conceived this notion of uploading e filing of audit report in November 2012 but could come up with a reasonably workable utility on 29th August 2013 only. Who can question the efficiency of a government agency. It took months to answer such a simple querry on whether to file scanned copy of duly signed financial statements of bearing initials sd/would be sufficient. CBDT is not answerable to any one. The Institute on the other hand completely failed to foresee this imminent problem of the members in time and had to be awakened from sleep by members. Then it took time to prepare representation and put it up before the concerned authorities. Then it had to offer strong persuasion to bring the CBDT to terms on this simple and obvious concern. Till 24th September, everyone is in dark, there is no clarification.

    The CBDT is ever ready to inflict heavy penalty in case the deadline is not met, regardless of the compelling circumstances under which the work had to be completed. The Institute is ever ready with disciplinary action against the member who is found to have made slightest compromise with qualityin discharge of his duties. This is the plight of the members of a respectable profession. Hats off to the CBDT and hats off to the Institute (set up under an act of parliament)

    • CA HARIPRASAD G says:

      Dear Mukesh Aroraji
      Thanks.your views are well expressed.
      And CAs are are taken for granted.
      I have made suggestions for permanent solutions.
      if u like my suggestions, kindly spread among our fraternity.
      I made few suggestions in tax Guru ie comments reg non extension of time.
      with regards
      yours truly
      CA G.Hariprasad.

  5. CA Hariprasad says:

    not this time.now it is needed to extend upto 31st oct . problem is also with our bosses ie auditees,they bring books of a/c only in the last 2 weeks of sept.
    to put an end to this,law should be amended to file unaudited financial statements by 31st may.
    then they will cultivate the habit accounting on day to day basis and they may engage us as internal auditors.

    so that we can commence audit in the month of june itself and be ready with full audit report well before sept.

    then we can e file everything either in aug or sept.

    And there will be no need to beg for extension of times.

    Further we need not depend on our bosses(ie auditees) but they depend on us.
    our fraternity can lead life with peace and health.
    think,thie will solve problem for ever and country will also benefit as assesses
    take accounting and seriously.
    They engage full time accountants and thereby jobs also created,
    we can guide them about matching principle,accounting standards,proper maintnance of evidence,reconcilation of bank a/cs & sundry debtors and creditors,
    compliance with TDS COMPLIANCE etc etc
    so think and let us all try for this amendment for those whose T/O exceeds 1 crore or more.

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