Tax Audit for the Financial Year 2009-2010  is although over but I am sure most of us have not taken a deceleration from the management regarding the following items appearing in Tax Audit Report. Given Below is the format in which we can now take the deceleration from management which should be dated either by the Tax Audit Report date or a date prior to that.


To,                                                                               Date:
………… (C.A.),


Dear Sir,
As required by you, I Proprietor/partner/Director of M/s XYZ Limited do hereby certify following:

1. You are appointed auditor for the purpose of audit under the Income Tax Act, 1961 for my/our above mentioned firm.

2. Payment relating to any expenditure covered under section 40A(3) (i.e. expenditure/purchase standing in expenditure side of the Trading & Profit & Loss A/c) were made by account payee cheques or bank draft only.

3. I/We have not accepted any loan or deposit or not repaid any loan or deposit, exceeding the limit specified in section 269SS or 269T (as the case may be), otherwise than an account payee cheque or bank draft.

4. Fixed assets, Loans & advances, Debtors, Creditors, Deposit, Bank balances, Cash in hand etc. which are appearing in the books are correct and tallied with the concern parties (subject to reconciliation, if any).

5. All items appearing in the balance sheet are physically exist.

6. Figures appearing in the Draft Audit report and form 3CD are true & correct.

7. No payment made to the person specified under section 40A(2), other than specified in draft form 3CD.

8. During the year there was no change in nature of business.

9. Stock in hand is valued at cost or market price, whichever is lower.

10. No expenditure of personnel nature recorded in the books.

11. In respect of any expenditure, sometimes it was not possible to maintain voucher/supporting documents. But I/We assured that they related to the business and normal in the course of business.

12. No amount borrowed on hundi.

13. I/We have maintained quantitative details so far it was possible. In respect of items of assorted description, it was not possible to maintain quantity detail. So I/We not able to furnish the same to you.

14. During the year, no amount provided in profit & loss account for prior period items.

15. During the year, no penalty or fine levied for contravening any law.

16. Depreciation, if any, has been provided as per Income Tax Act, 1961.

From XYZ Limited

(Shri. ABC)

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