1. About e-Sahyog

1.1 Overview

Income Tax Department (ITD) has launched a new initiative e-Sahyog with a view to reduce compliance cost, especally for small taxpayers. This initiative s in line with the government‟s commitment under Digital India to e- enable public services for the benefit of the citizens.

Traditionally, when Income Tax Department (ITD) found mismatch in information shown in the Income Tax Return with the information submitted from third parties in the form of Annual Information Return (AIR), TDS Statement etc., the cases were selected for scrutiny. The list of such mismatch related issues is provided in Annexure 1.

e-sahyog is a Pilot Project to provide an online mechanism to resolve mismatches in income Tax return without requiring taxpayers to attend the Income Tax Office.

1.2 How to view information and submit response

The taxpayers in whose cases mismatch has been found have been informed by SMS, e-mails and letters. The taxpayer needs to follow these three basic steps:

Step    1:  Login           to  e-filing portal Login to e-filing portal at https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in and click on “My pending action”.
Step 2: View Information Mismatch Mismatch Information summary can be viewed under e-Sahyog tab.
Step 3: Submit online response Submit online response (Follow Step by Step Guide to e-Sahyog available on the e-filing portal).

The taxpayer just needs to visit the e-filing website and log in with their user-ID and password for the e-filing portal. On the home screen itself, the taxpayer will get the information about the Return Information Mismatch under the tab “My Pending Actions”. The taxpayer will be provided the information submitted by the taxpayer to the ITD in the Return of Income as well as the information received by the ITD from the third party. The taxpayer will be able to submit online response on the issue. Issue wise instructions are provided in Annexure 2. If the taxpayer needs any further clarification/information, query may be sent to [email protected]

1.3 Processing of Response

The responses submitted online by the taxpayers will be processed and if the response and other information are found satisfactory as per automated closure rules, the issue will be closed. The taxpayer can check the updated status by logging in to the e-filing portal.

2. Step by Step Guide

2.1      How to Login to e-filing portal

a)       Go to e-filing portal at https://incometaxindiaefilling.gov.in.

b)       If already registered on the porta , click on Login Here” to login to e-filing portal

c)        If not already registered on e-filing portal. Click on “Register Yoursef”

e-Sahyog 1

2.2  How to access “About e-Sahyog”&“Step by Step Guide”

a)       Login to e-filing portal at https://incometaxindiaefilling.gov.in.

b)       On dashboard, you will see a link of “My Pending Action”. Click on the same

e-Sahyog 2c)       Click on “e-Sahyog” link

e-Sahyog 3d)       Inside the “e-Sahyog” there will be links for “About e-Sahyog” and “Step By Step Guide

e-Sahyog 4e)       By clicking on “About e-Sahyog”, the PDF document containing the overview of the e­Sahyog can be downloaded.

f)         “Step By Step Guide” can be downloaded by clicking on the link “Step By Step Guide”

g) Read the “Note”carefully before filling any response. e-Sahyog 5h) In case if there is any mismatch issue, the same will be visible under the “e-Sahyog”tab.

2.3 How to view the information related to the mismatch

a) There may be one or more issues related to one or more years. All the issues will be visible under the 3H-Sahyog’ tab.

b) Click on the Link “Response”to open “Return Mismatch Response”.

c) The mismatch related information (relevant value in the ITR and third party information) will be displayed in “Return Mismatch Response”.

d)  The description of the relevant „Form‟ can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlink against Form Number.

e-Sahyog 6e)       Read the “Main Instructions” for submission of detailed response (Part B)

e-Sahyog 7f) The ITR can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlink for the ITR in the main instructions at the bottom of the screen.

e-Sahyog 8g) Form 26AS can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlink for the Form 26AS in main instructions at the bottom of the screen.

e-Sahyog 9
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    Sir, As per recent income tax rules Form 15G & Form 15H format has been changed
    I want to know the details how to Fill this Form & where it is to be submitted. Also let me know where from I get the Unique Idendentification No
    which to be filled in the said form

    with thanks
    ajit datta

  2. VIJAY SHAH says:

    The total interest income shown in return of income is fully tie up with Form no 26AS. Still i have recd such notice. How to close issue ? There is no option available saying that interest income shown in ROI and form no 26AS is tie up and i am in disagreement. Kindly advise ?

  3. AJAY JAIN says:

    iF IN ANY CASE THE AMOUNT shown as reported by Service tax is correct say 30 lac and it is mentioned that the amount shown under section 44AD as nil but actuality it is shown say 60 lac what is to do in the response sheet

  4. Tejas says:

    Hi, What to do if the e sahyog mismatch is not true. I mean to say, They are saying that Turnover as per Service Tax Return and Income tax Return is mismatching. I have already received 143(1) which clearly accepts return and now this e sahyog raised this question. How to deal with this ?

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