If one wishes to use the service of a TRP for filing I-T returns one can use the helpline started for the purpose. The tax return preparers (TRPs), who were brought in by the Income Tax (I-T) department about two years back to help tax payers file their I-T returns, can be contacted through a helpline — 1800 102 3738. This is a new helpline started by the department.

There are around 32 officials who have been trained by NIIT and recognised by I-T department to work in Lucknow. The people can locate them by referring to the TRP website (www.trpscheme.com). They can be called at home to offer help at your doorstep or taxpayers can also reach them at the address mentioned in the website.

TRPs facilitate filing of returns without hassle and hand over the acknowledgement to the taxpayer. All that a taxpayer has to pay to get his return filed is Rs 250 to a TRP. The fee is same whether a taxpayer calls a TRP at his place or reaches his office.

If the taxpayer comes with all the needed documents to file the return it will not require him to come again and again to the TRP. It is therefore, advisable that assessees first consult a TRP about the documents they need to bring along for filing the return.

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  1. TRP (Mumbai) says:

    Sir, I have been a subscriber of your site for quite some time now. I must say that the information that you generate and way in which you present is both simple to understand and relevant to our concerns. With all due respect,however I feel it would be inappropriate to say that a TRP would charge the same rate of Rs.250 whether he visits the home or the client visits the TRP at the TRP’s office. This is because the number of TRPs in the whole of India is just 3737 to be precise. Out of which I think about 30% are not practising anymore because of ZERO Income. The charges depend upon the location of the client, the quantity of work to be done, the time available to the TRP etc. whilst being very reasonable say from Rs.250 to Rs.750. The charges however NEVER depend upon the income(CA’s do that).

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