As many as 926 computerised branches of public and private sector banks will receive advance income tax in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. These arrangements have been made for the convenience of the Income Tax assesses. Of the 926 bank branches 862 branches are public sector bank branches, 35 HDFC bank branches, 10 ICICI bank branches and 19 AXIS bank branches. The Reserve Bank of India has advised income tax assesses to take advantage of these standing arrangements made for their convenience.

Long queues and inconveniences can be avoided at the Reserve Bank of India counters if the assesses in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai utilise the services being made available at various designated branches of the banks and deposit their Income Tax dues well in advance of the last date.

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0 responses to “926 branches of Banks to accept Advance Income Tax in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai”

  1. sayed usman ahmed says:

    I like to pay my income tax, as to, where i can pay the amount ,send me the branch name, who collects the tax amount, in mumbai.

  2. Ashis says:

    At last Government’s deaf ear opened-might be for ANNA !
    Central Govt should take immediate steps to allow all branches
    of private banks to accept the INCOME / WEALTH & SERVICE-TAX Challans
    for convenience of the assessees

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