How to Unblock the GSTIN for generation of e-waybill

The user will be alerted while generating e-waybills in case the entered GSTIN has not filed the Returns for the past 2 successive months as this GSTIN will be blocked for generation of e-way bills. On filing of the Return-3B in the GST Common Portal, the block status will get automatically updated as ‘Unblock’ within a day in the e-waybill system. However, if the status is not updated in e-way bill system, then the taxpayer can go to the e-waybill portal and go to the option Search ⇒ Update Block Status. Enter the GSTIN and click on ‘Update GSTIN from Common Portal’.

E-Way Bill System

This will fetch the status of Filing from GST Common Portal and if filed, the status in e-way bill system will subsequently get updated.

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