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Sales Tax (Profession Tax) Department , Mumbai has started sending online notices to Companies Registered in Maharashtra on the email address of the Company Registered with ROC. Format of one such Notice is as follows :-

As per the provisions of Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, callings and Employments Act 1975 (PT Act) an employer even having a single employee whose gross salary is above Rs.5000/- for any month of the year is liable to obtain Profession Tax Registration Certificate (PTRC) and pay the Profession Tax(PT). The company may deduct the PT from salary of employee/s.

2.  The company is registered with Registrar of Companies in Mumbai. Hence it might be having employees in the state of Maharashtra. If an employee whose gross salary of any month in a year exceeds Rs. 5000/- the company is liable for making payment under Profession Tax Act as an employer. Therefore it is requested you to obtain PTRC at the earliest, if not obtained so far, and pay necessary Profession Tax with arrears of previous 8 years of your employees, if any.

3. Further it is also informed that the Company itself and all its directors, other than those nominated by govt., are liable to pay PT by obtaining enrolment Certificate (PTEC) unless exempted. If the company and its directors (if liable) have not obtained PTEC so far, then it is requested all to obtain PTEC immediately, and pay necessary profession tax with arrears of previous 8 years, if any.

4.    Considering the above it is requested you to submit  the details online, for confirming whether you are liable for PTRC/PTEC as well as whether you are having PTRC/PTEC, by filling ‘PT Information Form’ provided for this purpose on the website of the Sales Tax Dept. www.mahavat.gov.in, within 30 days from the receipt of this communication. Even if you are already holding PTRC / PTEC and paying Profession Tax regularly then also submit the details by filling up the ‘PT Information Form’.

5.            If you are liable to obtain PTRC/PTEC but not obtained PTRC/PTEC so far, then you are requested to apply for PT Registration (PTRC) or PT Enrollment (PTEC), as the case may be, online at www.mahavat.gov.in >> e-services >> PT e-Registration.  Submit the ‘PT Information Form’ thereafter obtaining PTRC / PTEC within period mentioned above.

6. If you have already filled up ‘PT Information Form’ then ignore this communication.

7.            The procedure of submitting the ‘PT Information Form’ is given as under. Do not send information in any other manner.

Download ‘PT Information Form’ from the web-site www.mahavat.gov.in >> Downloads >> Forms >> Electronic Forms >> e-Annexures >> PT Information Form.

Fill up the PT information form and upload the same on the web-site www.mahavat.gov.in >> e-services >> PT-Info Upload.

8.        You are kindly requested to fill up the ‘PT Information Form’ immediately as stated above and avoid further actions.

( Note : In case of NRI directors not having PAN, write PAN as AAAAA1234A )

9. Before filling up ‘PT-Information form’ keep ready the information on the points given below.

10. In case of difficulty or for any help please contact Profession Tax officer at the nearest Sales Tax Office.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Joint   Commissioner of Sales Tax (Profession Tax), Mumbai.


Format of Information to be kept ready to fill up form and submit online is as under:-

VAT TIN No.:- 27- – – – – – – – – V

Service Tax No.

Name of the Contact Person:-

Status of the Contact Person (Proprietor / Partner/ Director/  Manager /Other) :-

Email Id:-

Mobile No. :-

PTRC No. in old format, if any (e.g. 1/1/18/12345) :-

New PTRC TIN (e.g. 27123456789P):-

Whether enrolled for PTRC e-services

Reasons for not having PTRC:-

       1) Not Applicable

       2)    No employee

       3)   Gross salary of any employee is not above Rs.  5000/- for any month

       4) Exempted  for PT u/s 27A of PT Act.

PTEC No of Company / Proprietor / Co-op Society / Trust  :

PTEC No of Director / Partner / /Karta/Co-parcner  :

Reasons for not having PTEC numbers of Proprietor / Directors / Partners /co parceners /Karta


       1)  Not Applicable

       2) Age above 65

       3) Exempted for PT u/s 27A of PT Act for reason  other than age above 65


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  1. sanket bhoir says:

    A Professional who has attained the age of 66 is not liable to pay profession Tax for the state of maharashtra. But if that professional is still a director of company and providing professional services to company, is company liable to pay profession Tax as such ?

  2. suresh raut says:

    i am the trusty of trust and register ptrc and ptec of department of sale tax Maharashtra for the current year . But my trust is 15th years old. How much amount pay for ptec demand

  3. VINIT GOYAL says:

    Dear Sir

    I wish to know that if we have warehouse in maharasthra and pay sales tax as vat but we have no employee in the state of maharaastha then professional tax liablity apply on us ??

    We have registered our company with ROC of delhi

    then we liable to pay profession tax ??

    Vinit Goyal

  4. Jack Spar says:

    can a director in a company be an employee in a different company in Maharashtra?

    Does he have to pay Profession tax both as an employee and as a director? both different companies

  5. nishad says:

    Where a private ltd company is not having any business or any sale or purchase transaction from its date of incorporation to till date.Does the company is liable to PTEC?IF Yes,Kindly provide the refernce.

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