Sales Tax Bar Association has made a Humble request to extend time for completing required compliances under the Goods and Services Tax. Request is been made to  Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman Ji, Hon’ble the Finance Minister of India.

Sales Tax Bar Association (REGD.)

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April, 20, 2021

Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman Ji,
Hon’ble the Finance Minister of India
New Delhi.

Sub: Humble request to extend time for completing required compliances under the Goods and Services Tax.

Respected Madam,

Sales Tax Bar Association (Regd.), having been established on 30th March, 1957, is one of the oldest and the largest Association of Tax Professionals in the country. The Bar represents majority of members of various professions practicing in Direct & Indirect Taxes. Sales Tax Bar Association (Regd.) plays a major role in revenue collection by the department. Present membership of our Bar Association is more than 1700 comprising of Advocates, CA’s and Tax Practitioners. Some of our members were elevated as Judges of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court and elevated as Judges of the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Some of our members further were also selected for appointment as Member of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. The Sales Tax Bar Association is the only Bar Association which–

i) regularly holds Study Circle Meetings every month in which eminent speakers deliver lectures;

ii) holds Group Discussions every month in which queries of the members, particularly the young members, are answered on the spot;

iii) is regularly imparting knowledge to the younger members of the fraternity by way of a programme called “Grooming the Young”.

iv) is regularly publishing its own law journal Delhi Sales Tax Cases for the last 64 years;

v) is successfully running Benevolent Fund Scheme since 1975 under which financial assistance is provided to the family of a deceased member;

vi) is committed to and rendering Social Service.

Hon’ble Madam, we are approaching your honour with a humble request to extend the time for statutory compliances under Goods and Services Tax. The due date for filing GSTR-3B (Monthly Return) is today. Due date for filing GSTR-1 was 11th of April for the monthly details of March, 2021.

Respected Madam, we all know that from the last week of March, 2021 pandemic Corona – COVID-19 cases started rising exponentially per day, beyond imagination. All got scared. All advisories were unanimous to say that all peoples should stay at home. Finally curfew at nights, curfew for week end and now Lockdown for a week. This has made the movement of dealers, staff and professionals very restrictive. Though suggestions are to work from home but respected Madam, you will appreciate that it is well nigh impossible to prepare, reconcile, pay taxes and get Digital Signatures from dealers to upload the documents in these conditions.

That though the professionals are working in these adverse conditions long hours but owing to the aforenoted difficulties it is not possible to complete the compliances within time.

In view of the above, your honour is very humbly requested to extend the due dates for various compliances suitably, keeping the difficulties of the dealer in mind.

Hope to receive your magnanimous consideration.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

For Sales Tax Bar Association (Regd.)

[Suresh Agrawal]
[M]: 9810197362

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  1. Raj Shekhar says:

    Nirmala Sitharaman is the worst fm of all time. Modi government is failed to implement GST in a proper manner. I think they are making people fool and always change the rules of gst each month

  2. Brajmohan says:

    Nice efforts , We request to rectify the Annual Return filing late fee to Composition Businessman who have not file the return till date,

  3. CA. Nitin Bharadwaj says:

    Lockdown in Maharashtra since 06-04-2021. All offices are closed. Gst is just like the Mughals, even if there is covid lockdown, LAGAAN toh vasool karega. This is pure evil. Because farmers allowed to work but received subsidy and etc and tax payers are f**ked.

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