We are a small team of Software Providers. We recently received a request from one of our CAs, where they were facing a difficulty in downloading the GSTR2A files and converting them into Excel Format.

We have given a simple solution where you can download the .json file from the GSTR2A and upload it on our system. You can download an excel file with all the necessary details. Please check out at http://dev.opalcrm.com/converter

Would be great if you could please let us know if this would help you ease in GSTR calculations for your clients.

You can reach us at contactus @ kloudportal.com

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  1. Giri says:

    Hello Team
    Thanks for your help, recently tried converting the json file and received the following error, please let me know how to fix this.

  2. vikas negi says:

    converted gstr 2b into excel….invoice count is correct but tax values (igst) is not matching with summary….huge difference in taxes…please help

  3. Monika says:

    I tried converting the GSTR2A into excel it was done properly but the problem pertained to Credit and Debit Notes which are not converted in this link. Kindly help in converting the CN/DN part even in seperate sheet in same excel

    1. kolluru81 says:

      Hello Monika,

      Thank You for using GSTR 2A converter. We have received the request from many of our users. We are working on it. Will get update the converter with this very soon.

    2. kolluru81 says:

      Hello Monika,

      As requested, we have included CDN also in the output Excel file. Along with CDN we have also included CS amount (Cess Amount) and Invoice Date Fields.
      Please check and let us know in case you need any improvements.

    1. kolluru81 says:

      Hello Anamika,

      Thank You for reaching us. We can give you the invoice date in the output excel file. For the party name, it can be done. However, the current input file doesn’t give the party details except for the party’s GSTIN.

      To pull the party details, we need to do additional customization. In case you are interested to know more, please drop us an e-mail at contactus@kloudportal.com

  4. kolluru81 says:

    Hello All,

    We have received great feedback from few of the CAs. We understood that the converter wasn’t working for few files. Hence we have made some changes to it. Kindly contact us in case you face any issue in converting the files.

    1. Abhrakesh Mankad says:

      Actually we have faced in downloding jason file of GSTR2A. Today we could download it and found no issue in converting it into excel file. Thanx!

      1. kolluru81 says:

        Hello Abhrakesh,

        Thank You for letting us know your experience. Please let us know in case there are any issues/problems that we can help you with.

        We are a team of Software Product Developers from Hyderabad. You can e-mail us at contactus@kloudportal.com

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