A quick internet search that throws many variants makes one confused:

Which of these variants is legally correct? The story of this little book of lexicon begins with this question posed by our Commissioner to us.

Explaining that legally correct Hindi equivalent of Goods and Services Tax, our Commissioner requested us to prepare a legally correct Hindi lexicon for all GST related words and phrases solely by referring to CGST Act, 2017, CGST Rules, 2017 and IGST Act, 2017. Our response to his request is in your hands now.

This lexicon has been constructed by first compiling all legal terms from the English versions of GST Acts and Rules by us and then taking the help of three of our inspectors who are native Hindi speakers in finding out the equivalent Hindi terminologies from the Hindi versions of these Acts and Rules published in the Gazette of India .Thus, this GST lexicon is not a mere translation from English to Hindi. Rather it is a compilation of GST related terminologies purely based on the statute. So, with all the confidence at our command we assure you that this lexicon is as authentic as it gets.

The lexicon is our small contribution towards effective implementation of official language in our GST offices. This book will be useful to GST officers for making file notings in Hindi. Officers who are not native Hindi speakers can make bilingual notings in files by substituting a few English words with the correct Hindi terms picked up from this lexicon. We sincerely hope this lexicon will prove a valuable and critical addition to your desk.

An added feature of this lexicon is Hindi version of the GST (Amendment) Bill passed by Lok Sabha that has received the assent of- the President of India on the 29th August, 2018. Another interesting feature is prize winning posters on GST created by immensely talented students of Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai.

We sincerely hope you all enjoy making use of this little lexicon as much as we enjoyed making it.

Download Hindi lexicon for all GST related words and phrases

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