Web based Prototype of Offline Tool of New GST Return is an interactive demo or mock-up of the ‘Offline Tools of New Return’ to give stakeholders a feel of what the Tool will look like and to get their feedback on the same, before it goes live.

It is an interactive prototype, which allows users to navigate from page to page and use functionalities such as drop down menus, invoice upload, upload of purchase register for matching with system created inward supplies etc.

For accessing the prototype open the GST Portal> click Login> Click New Return Prototype (in the blue band at top right hand corner of the page). Prototype of new return is also available post login.

User Manual for the new return Prototype can be accessed from the following links:

For Annx 1 : https://taxguru.in/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Steps-to-Prepare-Form-GST-ANX-1-Offline-Using-the-Prototype-ANX-1-Offline-Tool.pdf

For Annx 2 : https://taxguru.in/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Steps-to-Take-Actions-in-GST-ANX-2-Offline-Tool-on-pre-filled-details.pdf

Please note following about the prototype:

It is only a screen layout of the Offline Tool for viewing and familiarizing the stakeholders with the offline tool being  developed to prepare proposed return and obtaining their feedback.

It contains specimen of the screens which will be made available in the actual Offline Tool to be deployed on the GST Portal soon.

It is a web based Prototype to view working of Offline Tool by taxpayers, while filing their return in proposed Form GST ANX-1 and GST ANX-2.

The values entered in the prototype screens may not match with calculated summary shown in summary screens. Prototype does not perform addition/subtraction or other arithmetic calculations.

NEW GSTR Offline Tool Prototype Released on GST Portal

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