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“While it is understandable that in a democracy any one can criticise the Government of the day, a distinction should be made between political criticism and grievances of trade and industry.

FICCI has whole heartedly welcomed the introduction of a Goods & Services Tax (GST) — a revolutionary fiscal initiative taken unanimously by the Central Government and members of the GST Council representing different State Governments and political parties. The introduction of GST was a major step towards the modernisation and integration of the Indian economy.

It is understandable that in the course of implementation of such a radical policy change, there will be teething troubles and unanticipated problems. This does not mean that the policy changes should be rejected.

FICCI would urge members of the GST Council to quickly address the issues that have been thrown up in the implementation process. FICCI has suggested changes in some of the existing provisions based on the feedback received from producers, traders and consumers. Such changes will have to be made from time to time based on the actual experience of implementation of any new and radical scheme. In itself GST is a welcome initiative and FICCI compliments the Union finance minister Shri Arun Jaitley and members of the GST Council for leading this change”, said Mr. Pankaj Patel, President, FICCI.

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  1. Sanjeev Gandhi says:

    We have got new registration for Chandigarh & Telengana. In RC granted to us liability date is 29.06.2017 but registration is granted to us on 07.08.2017 due to GST portal problems. Now, we are not able to file the return for July & August because registration date granted is 07.08.2017. This is absolute non-sense on GST Portal. If liability date on RC granted to us is of June 2017 & we have paid all the taxes, why portal is not allowing us to file the GST returns for sales & purchase. Serious matter, need to be addressed.

  2. Jose M.P says:

    Mr. Pankaj Patel, President Ficci,
    you please paly to the music.
    As for most of us it is a ill conceived legislation.
    The scope and magnitude of the extended legislation in GST alone is sufficient to make it non compliable.
    Well, if it is okay for FICCI president, then what is the issue for us. Congrats sir

  3. Irhsad says:

    GST on reverse charge is absolute non sense. Why do we pay first on these expenses and then take a credit , what’s the logic behind it?

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